BREAKING: Azur Air 767 Engine Bursts Into Flames

Jeroen Stroes Aviation Photography from Netherlands, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Earlier today an Azur Air Boeing 767-300ERs engine burst into flames on takeoff out of Phuket in Thailand.

Azur Air 767 Engine Burst Into Flames…

As reported by the Daily Mail, earlier today an Azur Air Boeing 767-300ER was on its takeoff roll leaving Phuket in Thailand heading back to Moscow in Russia carrying over 320 people when its right engine burst into flames.

The people on board included 309 passengers and 12 crew members.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail / Igor Zhorov

It is reported that the cause of the engine fire was a result of one of the aircraft’s right main tires exploding on takeoff. The pilots safely rejected the takeoff roll and the aircraft has since returned to the ramp.

The aircraft in question is registered as RA-73034 and is a 26-year-old airframe that has been with Azur Air since 2015.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail / Social Media/e2w

This is a developing news story.

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