Braspress receives first Boeing 737-400F freighter

A Braspess Air Cargo Boeing B737-400F freighter aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: World Star Aviation

Full-service aircraft and engine lessor World Star Aviation has made the successful delivery of the first B737-400F freighter aircraft to its new customer, Braspress Transportes Urgentes. 

Braspress Transportes Urgentes, a prominent player in Brazil’s parcel transport sector, will operate the Boeing cargo freighter under its new aviation arm, Braspress Air Cargo

This air freighter acquisition for the Braspress Group will support its cargo and freight capabilities for both domestic and international operations.

Commencement of Air Operations

Urubatan Helou, CEO of Braspress Group, spoke on the B737-400F freighter acquisition, emphasizing its transformative potential for the company.

The introduction of Braspress Air Cargo as an air cargo division marks a pivotal juncture in Braspress Group’s evolution, as the company’s air operations arm now awaits final regulatory certification.

“We are very excited to receive our first aircraft from World Star Aviation. This marks an important step forward for our company and will allow us to improve our ability to serve our customers, both domestically and internationally, quickly and efficiently,” said Helou.


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“This delivery also marks the start of Braspress Air Cargo as a new Brazilian airline, which will soon receive its operator certificate.”

Future Prospects for Braspress Air Cargo

With the imminent acquisition of its operator’s certificate, the new air cargo division is poised to make significant strides in the air cargo industry. This development opens up new avenues for growth and underscores Braspress Group’s commitment to diversification and expansion.

The delivery of the Boeing B737-400F aircraft not only benefits Braspress Group but also contributes to the further advancement of Brazil’s air freight sector.

It reflects a growing demand for efficient logistics solutions and highlights the role of air transportation in fostering economic development.

World Star Aviation’s Expansion in Brazil

André Abreu, VP Marketing and Sales at World Star Aviation, emphasizes the company’s focus on strengthening its presence in Brazil; highlighting the strategic importance of Brazil as a key market for air cargo growth.

“Our delivery to Braspress Air Cargo marks a further step towards the development of air freight in Brazil, one of the key global air cargo growth markets, and the further strengthening of World Star’s presence in Brazil, with a total of 11 assets in the country.”

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