Braathens Regional Airlines adds its first Airbus A320

A Braathens Regional Airlines A320 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Braathens Regional Airlines

Swedish carrier Braathens Regional Airlines is expanding its aircraft fleet, and its latest addition, an Airbus A320, arrived in Malmö last Friday.

This becomes the first A320 for the airline, and the nineteenth aircraft in its fleet. The new addition will primarily be used to serve tour operator Apollo’s customers traveling between Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Flights for Tour Operators

In the spring, the airline introduced a new business segment that operates flights on behalf of tour operators. In April of this year, they initiated their partnership with Ving, flying passengers from regional airports in Scandinavia to Mediterranean destinations.

 Now, in October, Braathens Regional Airlines has extended its services to Apollo as well. This aircraft delivery is a significant milestone in the company’s growth as a charter provider, focusing on providing customer satisfaction similar to their domestic flights.

Passengers can look forward to comfortable seats and a modern cabin design aimed at enhancing their in-flight experience.


Airbus A320 SE-RGG

The newly arrived Airbus A320, registered as SE-RGG and leased from Macquarie Aircraft Leasing, has undergone both interior and exterior upgrades, including a substantial cabin refurbishment.

Fredrik Matseng, the Chief Operating Officer at Braathens Regional Airlines, expressed his excitement about welcoming their first Airbus A320 to the fleet. “With this new aircraft, we can offer our passengers a pleasant flight with optimal comfort,” he explained.

This Airbus A320 is the company’s first of its kind, joining their existing fleet of 14 ATR 72-600 aircraft and four Airbus A319 aircraft.

The fleet will see further a further expansion with the addition of two more Airbus A320 aircraft in November.

About Braathens Regional Airlines

Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) is a Swedish airline, with Stockholm Bromma Airport as its main hub. The goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2030 makes Braathens Regional Airlines a pioneer in fossil-free aviation.

In 2009, BRA became the first passenger airline to be environmentally certified Since 2018, BRA offers all travelers the opportunity to book flight tickets with 100% bio jet fuel.

In 2022, BRA carried out the world’s first flight with 100% biofuel in both tanks – BRA is currently Sweden’s largest domestic airline in terms of number of routes.

In 2023, BRA established a new business area with charter flights on behalf of travel agencies BRA is owned by the Swedish investment company Braganza and AMF.

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