Bonza launches operations from Gold Coast base

A Bonza Boeing 737 climbs out after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Bonza

Australian regional airline Bonza has launched its third and newest base at Queensland’s Gold Coast this week.

Australia’s newest low-cost carrier will progressively introduce 14 routes over November and December to have wheels up on its newest base before the peak summer travel season. 

Inaugural Flight to Townsville

The inaugural flight embarked on its journey to Townsville, North Queensland, signaling the initiation of Bonza’s ambitious expansion.

Townsville is just the first in a series of destinations, with Albury, Avalon, Bundaberg, Cairns, Darwin, Gladstone, Launceston, Mackay, Melbourne, Mt Isa, Mildura, Rockhampton, and the Whitsunday Coast soon to follow.

Notably, eleven out of these 14 routes boast the distinction of being untouched by any other airline.


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A Bonza Airlines Boeing 737 MAX on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Bonza

An Ambitious Flight Path

Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, was upbeat about the latest milestone for the carrier, saying: “Today is a golden day for domestic tourism as we start connecting more communities in time for Christmas.”

“Our team of legends feels privileged to bring families and friends together at affordable prices.”

The launch of Gold Coast marks a significant milestone as Bonza gears up to conclude the year with 21 destinations and 38 routes.

Looking ahead, Jordan revealed the company’s plan to expand further, aiming to grow Bonza’s fleet to at least 10 aircraft by the end of 2024.

This expansion will not only lead to a fourth base but will also extend the airline’s reach into new states and territories.

Opportunities on the Gold Coast

As Bonza takes flight, the airline is actively recruiting Gold Coast-based cabin crew and pilots. Jordan encourages aspiring crew members, stating that applications for cabin crew and supervisors will be accepted until November 23.

Both Townsville and Gold Coast airports, owned and operated by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), eagerly welcome Bonza’s new route.

QAL CEO Amelia Evans expressed her excitement, noting how Bonza’s services will create seamless connections for customers and teams alike, with two of the fourteen routes directly linking Townsville and Mount Isa to the Gold Coast.

Passengers disembark a Bonza Airlines Boeing 737.
Photo Credit: Bonza Airlines

Fly Bonza App

Travellers are urged to streamline their booking experience by downloading the Fly Bonza app, the exclusive platform for direct bookings.

With Bonza’s commitment to accessibility and affordability, the app is set to become an essential tool for those seeking convenient and cost-effective air travel.

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