Bonza launches new direct Launceston route from Sunshine Coast

A Bonza Airlines Boeing 737 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Bonza Airlines

Australian low-cost carrier Bonza will introduce a first for Queensland when it launches the first ever direct flight services from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to Launceston in northern Tasmania.

It becomes Bonza’s 12th route from its home base at Sunshine Coast Airport and the second route from Launceston Airport, affording a significant boost to tourism opportunities in both regions.

A New Launceston Route

Starting from March 29, 2024, Bonza will commence its direct flights between the Sunshine Coast and Launceston.

This will mark the first-ever direct connection between these two regions, offering travelers convenient direct access to northern Tasmania.

In November 2023, Bonza rolled out the first Queensland service to Launceston, from the Gold Coast. The Sunshine Coast is now set to become the second Queensland destination to host a direct Launnie service.

In celebration of the impending launch, Bonza is rolling out a special birthday sale, presenting those interested with the opportunity to secure seats at very low prices.


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With 200,000 seats available across all routes in the Bonza network priced at just $49 per person, travelers can definitely embark on a Tassie getaway without breaking the bank.

Tasmanian Tourism and Exploration

Tim Jordan, Bonza’s CEO, highlights the significance of this new route in enhancing tourism opportunities for both regions.

“We are delighted to connect the Sunny Coast and Launnie with direct low-cost air travel allowing customers to save time and money by avoiding lengthy road trips or metro city transfers and instead be able to maximise their holiday,” said Jordan.

From the pristine beaches of the Sunshine Coast to the rugged trails of Tasmania, travelers can now explore contrasting landscapes and experiences. Both regions have a significant reliance on tourism.

“Launceston locals can ditch their Tassie tuxedos and explore more than 100km of sandy beaches while Sunny Coast travellers can lace up their hiking boots for an overland adventure across Tasmania as both destinations offer contrasting holiday options,” said Jordan.

Photo Credit: Bonza

Community Support and Economic Boost

The introduction of this new route has been met with enthusiasm from local communities and industry stakeholders.

Chris Mills, CEO of Sunshine Coast Airport, further emphasizes the positive impact on tourism operators and the regional economy, with Tasmanians gaining direct access to the Sunshine Coast’s offerings.

“It will open up a new market for tourism operators here on the Sunshine Coast, with Tasmanians now having direct access to our pristine beaches, incredible restaurants and unique experiences,” he noted.

Unlocking New Markets

Shane O’Hare, CEO of Launceston Airport, also echoes the general sentiment, noting the strategic importance of this connection in facilitating tourism and business growth.

“The Sunshine Coast is a growing hub for small and medium businesses so this connection will also help facilitate the growth of Tasmanian enterprises by providing new opportunities for collaboration.”

By linking two of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Bonza’s new route clearly opens doors for travelers and entrepreneurs alike.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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