Bonza gets capacity boost with two wet leased aircraft

A Bonza Boeing 737 in flight over the coast.
Photo Credit: Bonza.

Australian low-cost airline Bonza has received a fleet boost, with two additional aircraft receiving regulatory approval, after their arrival on the Gold Coast.

The two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, registered C-FLKC & C-FLHI, are on wet lease from sister airline Flair, and will commence flights in and out of the Gold Coast today.

The leased aircraft will be based out of the carrier’s Queensland Gold Coast hub, which supports a network of 14 destinations.

Bonza CEO Comments

Bonza CEO Tim Jordan expressed empathy for customers facing travel challenges, stating, “We know it’s been a challenging time for some of our customers who were unable to fly, and to them, we say we’re really sorry and we’ll learn from this and do better to deliver for Australia.”

The approval of two extra aircraft boosts fleet capacity for Bonza and should smooth operational snags, allowing them to expand operations and serve new routes from their Gold Coast hub.


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Scaling Up Operations

With the green light for additional aircraft, Bonza is set to scale up operations, ensuring that the Gold Coast becomes a bustling hub for travelers.

This not only strengthens the airline’s position but also opens up a myriad of travel possibilities for Australians seeking affordable and convenient options.

To celebrate this milestone, Bonza is extending a generous offer of 30% off flights to and from the Gold Coast for travel between December 19, 2023, and January 31, 2024.

Travelers can seize this opportunity by booking through the Fly Bonza app using promo code “GOLDIE” until Thursday, December 21.

Gold Coast Recruitment Drive: New Crew Takes Flight

The Gold Coast recruitment drive has witnessed a robust response, with new crew members gearing up for training next month.

This initiative is part of Bonza’s broader plan to expand its low-cost carrier services from the Gold Coast to 14 destinations across Australia, showcasing a dedication to providing Australians with unparalleled travel options.

CEO Tim Jordan sheds light on Bonza’s unique approach, stating, “At Bonza, we focus our attention on unserved or underserved markets, with 80-90% of our routes not served by other airlines.”

This distinctive strategy ensures that Bonza brings low-cost, non-stop choices to consumers who may have previously refrained from travel due to expensive airfares or inconvenient flight routes.

Painting the Skies Purple

Jordan concludes, “We’re doing everything we can to improve the current state of Aussie aviation by bringing equal access through lower fares to more destinations around this great country.”

“Here’s to painting the skies purple!” This upbeat vision encapsulates Bonza’s commitment to revolutionizing air travel, making it more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all Australians.

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