Bonza CCO Carly Povey to step down

Outgoing Bonza CCO Carly Povey with Bonza aircraft.
Photo Credit: Bonza

Australian start-up airline Bonza is launching a search for its next Chief Commercial Officer with Carly Povey deciding to take flight on a new challenge outside of the aviation industry.

As Bonza embarks on the search for its next CCO, it’s worth taking a closer look at Carly Povey’s journey and the indelible mark she has left on Australia’s newest low-cost carrier.

A Visionary Leader for Bonza

Carly Povey’s tenure at Bonza has been nothing short of transformative. She played a pivotal role in shaping and executing Bonza’s vision and strategy, which has redefined the aviation industry.

Under her leadership, Bonza’s commercial team introduced groundbreaking initiatives, setting the airline on a firm footing in what is a historically difficult environment for new start-ups.

Innovation Takes Flight

One of Carly’s standout achievements was the launch of the world’s first app-based airline. This innovative approach not only streamlined the booking process but also enhanced the overall customer experience.

The Fly Bonza app became a game-changer, with over 1.27 million individual downloads and more than half a million travelers choosing to book flights through the app.


Carly also championed diversity and inclusivity by introducing gender-neutral uniforms for the Bonza team, making a bold statement about equality in the aviation industry.

Additionally, she curated an all-Australian menu, served on-demand, further enhancing the airline’s appeal.

A Bonza Airlines Boeing 737 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Bonza Airlines

Bonza’s Route to Success

Under Carly Povey’s guidance, Bonza mapped out its initial routes with a focus on connecting travelers without the hassle of transiting through major city airports or enduring long car rides.

This strategic move resonated with passengers, and the airline expanded to operate 38 routes and establish three bases.

Furthermore, Carly’s commitment to supporting local communities was evident in the airline’s partnerships with 41 local producers, featuring their products onboard flights.

This not only showcased Bonza’s dedication to regional economic development but also provided passengers with a taste of Australia’s finest offerings.

Continuing the ethos of enhancing the travel experience, Carly and her team introduced Bonza Holidays. This venture aimed to revolutionize package holidays in Australia, taking inspiration from successful low-cost carriers like

It was a testament to Carly’s innovative thinking and her dedication to providing broader economic benefits to regions.

Photo Credit: Bonza Airlines

A Farewell and a New Beginning

“Whilst this was not an easy decision, I leave behind a very capable team and an airline that has firmly solidified its place in the market and can now focus on continuing to learn and deliver the basics very well, earning the right to grow​,” said outgoing Chief Commercial Officer Carly Povey.

“I am beyond thankful to Tim, our Bonza legends and 777 Partners for the support they have given me and the chance to build an airline. I’d love to also take the opportunity to thank our partners, including airports, and customers who are a big part of Bonza’s success so far.”

“I love this business and truly believe in Bonza’s mission and will forever be cheering them on from the sidelines,” she concluded.

As Povey prepares to depart from her role as CCO on December 7th, her legacy at Bonza is undeniable.

Her strategic vision, critical thinking, and ability to foster strong team dynamics and partnerships have left an indelible mark on the airline.

In the words of Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, “Carly has played a fundamental role in setting Bonza up for long-term success. Through Carly’s leadership, we have defied the odds to make aviation history on many levels.”

While Carly’s departure is a significant loss for Bonza, it opens the door for the next generation of CCO to join the airline’s legendary team. The search for this individual is already underway, and they will undoubtedly inherit a thriving airline with a solid foundation laid by Carly Povey.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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