Bermudair launches as Bermuda’s boutique airline

A Bermudair Embraer jet on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Bermudair

New start-up BermudAir is preparing for its first operational flights as Bermuda’s inaugural year-round airline, dedicated to supporting both the business and leisure air travel market.

The airline has commenced ticket sales for its first three direct routes, connecting Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), and Westchester County Airport (HPN).

Westchester Country Airport is strategically located near New York City, and the services connecting BDA to BOS and HPN will take off on August 31, while flights to FLL will begin on September 22.

Enhanced Accessibility to Bermuda

These new direct routes mark a significant enhancement in travel options for residents and visitors of popular East Coast cities and their surrounding areas. Offering average flight times of around two hours, BermudAir ensures a swift and comfortable journey to the stunning island of Bermuda.

Founder and CEO of BermudAir, Adam Scott, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “BermudAir is more than just an airline – it’s a commitment to bridging seasonal service gaps and establishing a consistent flow of travel to and from the island.”


“Our dedication to offering stress-free, well-timed flights on these new routes is just the start of our journey. The year-round service introduction is a crucial step toward redefining the travel experience, and the forthcoming BermudAir’s Aisle Class will further elevate this experience.”

Embraer E175 Fleet

BermudAir’s phased introduction includes Embraer E175 aircraft, designed with an 88-seat configuration. However, only 44 seats will be available for sale on each flight.

This approach ensures that every passenger enjoys both window and aisle access along with ample space for their carry-on luggage.

The focus is on providing a roomy and pleasant in-flight experience. The flights come with complimentary Wi-Fi and entertainment, along with at least one checked bag at no extra charge, or more based on the fare.

To enhance the journey, BermudAir is dedicated to providing exceptional in-flight services, including light meals prepared on-board and a selection of beverages from local partners on the island. This emphasis on onboard experience and attentive service is what sets BermudAir apart.

The Aisle Class Experience

A groundbreaking change awaits travelers as BermudAir introduces the Aisle Class, a transformative seating concept for business class air travel.

Starting November 1, 2023, the E175s will be revamped to offer just 30 seats, providing an unparalleled sense of privacy and ample workspace.

With only two spacious seats in each row facing each other, the Aisle Class cabin eliminates the dilemma of choosing between an aisle or window seat.

Passengers will enjoy under-seat storage for carry-ons, in-seat power, and complimentary Wi-Fi, complete with Wi-Fi-powered entertainment and messaging. The cabin design eliminates the need for overhead bins, ensuring a well-lit, open environment that facilitates swift boarding and deplaning.

Community Connections

BermudAir’s commitment extends to the local community, manifested through partnerships with Bermuda-based service providers for onboard food and beverage services, as well as the sourcing of local ingredients.

The aim is to mirror the renowned hospitality of the island, offering premium onboard menu choices and friendly cabin crew.

Wayne Furbert, JP, MP, Minister of Transport, welcomes this partnership, saying, “BermudAir’s entry as Bermuda’s inaugural carrier sets a new benchmark for travel.”

“This collaboration enhances connectivity and reinforces our status as a premier destination. With BermudAir’s dedication to seamless connections, a boost in our tourism market is anticipated.”

A Promising Future

Tracy Berkeley, CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority, expresses excitement over this new chapter, stating, “The launch of BermudAir marks a period of anticipation and potential. The increased air capacity is a strategic step toward fulfilling the National Tourism Plan’s ‘Year-Round’ objective.”

“By providing continuous year-round flights, BermudAir creates new avenues for partnerships and market expansion on the U.S. East Coast. This move signifies a thrilling progression toward sustained growth in Bermuda’s tourism sector.”

Operating convenient flights to and from Westchester Country Airport, Boston Logan International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, BermudAir will enhance connectivity to the U.S. East Coast, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Bermuda.

The airline has a commitment to exceptional service and curated onboard offerings that showcase the island’s renowned hospitality and varied locally available food and beverages.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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