BermudAir add Baltimore and Orlando services

A BermudAir aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: BermudAir/Akil Simmons)

In an announcement this week, Bermudair revealed plans to introduce two new services, connecting Bermuda with Baltimore and Orlando.

These additions, slated to commence operations on March 18 and March 26 respectively, mark a new milestone in BermudAir’s journey of expansion.

Bermudair: Ongoing Growth

The new routes to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Orlando International Airport complement BermudAir’s existing services to Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and Westchester.

Adam Scott, Founder and CEO of BermudAir, spoke on the relevance of the new route additions, stating, “The addition of Baltimore and Orlando to our network is a clear indicator of BermudAir’s ongoing growth.”

According to Mr. Scott, Baltimore holds historical significance and offers a unique advantage for Bermudians seeking medical treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

“Baltimore is a really attractive airport that serves a great catchment area,” he added. The strategic collaboration with Baltimore airport reflects BermudAir’s commitment to fostering partnerships and providing enhanced travel options.


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Orlando, known for its enchanting attractions like Disney World, emerges as a sought-after destination for Bermudians.

Mr. Scott emphasized the untapped potential of this market, stating, “It is also the largest untapped market from the US to Bermuda in terms of catchment area.”

BermudAir’s expansion into Orlando aims to cater to the demand and create economic opportunities between Bermuda and the vibrant city.

Fleet Optimization

Addressing queries about fleet expansion, Mr. Scott clarified that the current routes’ optimization doesn’t necessitate acquiring more aircraft immediately.

However, he hinted at future growth plans, saying, “Going forward, we look forward to the introduction of a third and fourth aircraft.”

This strategic approach aligns with BermudAir’s vision of becoming a key player in the aviation industry.

Economic Impact

A BermudAir spokesperson highlighted the significance of this expansion, stating, “This expansion not only enhances two-way traffic but solidifies BermudAir’s presence in this crucial East Coast corridor.”

The new Orlando service, coupled with existing routes, fortifies BermudAir’s Florida presence, offering seamless connectivity and flights between the sunshine state and Bermuda.

Cargo Services

In a recent development, BermudAir commenced cargo services to and from the island. The success of the first shipment from Boston to Dunkley’s has paved the way for extending cargo services to other routes, including Fort Lauderdale and Westchester, New York.

This diversification reflects BermudAir’s commitment to meeting evolving market demands.

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