Beond Airlines Gets Second Aircraft: Airbus A321

Beond Airlines Gets Second Aircraft: Airbus A321
Photo Credit: Beond Airlines.

Beond Airlines, marketed as the world’s first premium leisure airline, has acquired it’s second aircraft, being an Airbus A321.

It is understood this second aircraft is undergoing reconfiguration to a 68 seater aircraft, which features an all-premium cabin.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Beond Airlines Gets Second Aircraft: Airbus A321…

Beond Airlines Gets Second Aircraft: Airbus A321
Photo Credit: Beond Airlines.


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It is understood that this Airbus A321 will be used to help Beond Airlines grow it’s leisure services to Milan, Dubai & Bangkok in mid-2024.

This will add to the existing services from Munich, Zurich and Riyadh.

Beond’s Chairman and CEO, Tero Taskila, said the following on this:

“We are pleased to accept delivery of our second aircraft.”

“Our new customers in Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok will be impressed to see this stunning aircraft at their home airports, and they’ll be thrilled at the service from the start to finish of their journey”.

“We are firmly on track to operate 32 luxurious aircraft with a private jet feel within the next five years, delivering on the promise of our ground-breaking business model in the airline industry and pioneering experience for passengers.”

“Beond team’s decades of experience has allowed us to build the best experience in the sky,”

The airline already has an Airbus A319 in service, which seats 44 in an all-lay flat configuration.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on how the expansion goes, as well as how quickly they can get to 32 aircraft in due course.

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