BBN Airlines Indonesia acquires four Boeing 737 aircraft

A BBN Airlines Indonesia Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Photo Credit: Avia Solutions Group

BBN Airlines Indonesia, a subsidiary of ACMI operator Avia Solutions Group, has recently announced a fleet acquisition of four Boeing aircraft.

The airline has secured three Boeing 737-800 aircraft and one Boeing 737-400F freighter aircraft, in a fleet augmentation move to enhance its charter flight services within Indonesia.

Line Operations in March

The acquisition of these four aircraft was finalized in November 2023. Presently, they are undergoing mandatory maintenance checks, which are scheduled to conclude by early March 2024.

The aircraft will then move to line operations to support unscheduled passenger charter flights across both domestic and international routes.

Martynas Grigas, Chairman of BBN Airlines Indonesia, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to leverage these new additions to enhance operational efficiency and expand its route network.

“With the addition of these aircraft, we are very confident that we can increase the number of load factors and also be able to open new routes in the future,” stated Martynas.

This move brings BBN Airlines Indonesia’s total fleet count to six aircraft by early 2024, a significant stride towards meeting the evolving demands of the regional market.


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A BBN Airlines Indonesia Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Photo Credit: Avia Solutions Group

Strategic Focus

BBN Airlines Indonesia maintains an operational focus on unscheduled passenger charter flights and air cargo transportation services.

Martynas emphasized the airline’s strategic vision, aiming to bolster its fleet further to cater to the escalating demand for both domestic and international flights.

This strategic expansion also aligns with parent company Avia Solutions Group’s broader investment initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

Developing Industry Integrity

Since obtaining an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for cargo services in August 2023, BBN Airlines Indonesia has garnered commendable trust from various stakeholders.

Notably, partnerships with entities like the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia underscore the airline’s reliability and capability.

These partnerships have facilitated crucial missions, including delivering essential materials for airport rehabilitation and transporting vital humanitarian aid.

Future Outlook

Martynas outlined BBN Airlines Indonesia’s ambitious goal of operating a total of 40 aircraft by the end of 2027.

This forward-looking approach not only reinforces the airline’s commitment to growth but also positions it as a key contributor to strengthening the Indonesian aviation sector on both domestic and international fronts.

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