Batik Air: Datuk Chandran Rama Muthy Becomes CEO

A Batik Air Malaysia Boeing 737 MAX approaches to land.
Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Batik Air Malaysia, has recently announced the reappointment of Datuk Chandran Rama Muthy as its Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1 February 2024.

This decision marks a significant leadership change for the airline, as it welcomes back a seasoned leader to guide its operations and strategic direction.

A Familiar Face Returns

Datuk Chandran Rama Muthy is no stranger to Batik Air, having served as its inaugural Chief Executive Officer since the airline’s inception in 2013 until August 2019.

During his previous tenure, he played an intrinsic role in shaping the airline’s identity and spearheading its growth initiatives.

His return to the role brings with it a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the aviation industry.


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A Legacy of Success

Under Datuk Chandran’s leadership, Batik Air witnessed remarkable progress in executing its strategic objectives.

One of his notable achievements was overseeing the expansion of the airline’s network, allowing it to reach new destinations and serve a broader customer base.

Additionally, his focus on enhancing service performance contributed to an overall improvement in customer satisfaction levels.

Strengthening Partnerships

Beyond internal initiatives, Datuk Chandran prioritized fostering strong partnerships within the industry.

His collaborative approach enabled Batik Air to establish mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners, stakeholders, and customers.

This emphasis on collaboration has been instrumental in driving sustainable growth and value creation for all involved parties.

Transition and Gratitude

With Datuk Chandran’s return, Captain Mushafiz Mustafa Bakri, who assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer during Datuk Chandran’s absence, will now transition to the position of Safety Director at Lion Air Group.

Batik Air has formally extended its sincere gratitude to Capt. Mushafiz for his dedicated leadership over the past 4.5 years.

His contributions have been invaluable to the airline’s success, and his new role underscores his enduring commitment to safety and operational excellence within the aviation industry.

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