Bamboo Airways appoints new CEO amid restructure

Bamboo Airways new CEO is welcomed at reception in Vietnam.
Photo Credit: Bamboo Airways

Last week, Vietnamese carrier Bamboo Airways appointed Luong Hoai Nam as General Director, as part of a bold restructure strategy.

Bamboo Airways ushered in a new era with the appointment of the experienced aviation-tourism veteran, Mr. Luong Hoai Nam, as its General Director effective October 23, 2023.

This move marks a significant turning point in the airline’s ongoing restructuring efforts, aiming to solidify its operations, attract quality investment resources, and foster substantial development in the medium term.

A Leader with a Wealth of Experience

Luong Hoai Nam is no stranger to the aviation-tourism industry. Armed with a Doctorate in Aviation from Russia, he brings with him over three decades of experience.

His career has been punctuated by several key leadership roles, including Director of the Market Planning Department and Editor-in-Chief of Heritage Magazine at Vietnam Airlines.


Notably he has also been the CEO of Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Deputy General Director of Nam Long Group, CEO of Hai Au Aviation Joint Stock Company, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Tourism Association, and Deputy General Director of Vietstar Multirole Airlines, among others.

A Bamboo Airways flight touches down at London Gatwick Airport
Photo Credit: Bamboo Airways

A Strategic Move Backed by Investors

The decision to appoint Mr. Luong Hoai Nam was not made in isolation. It was the result of careful consultation by Bamboo Airways’ strategic investors.

This appointment is part of the broader strategy to restructure the airline, particularly in terms of governance and administration.

The ultimate goal is to ensure operational stability, attract valuable investment resources, and pave the way for robust growth in the future.

Confidence in the New Leadership

Speaking at the official announcement, Mr. Phan Dinh Tue, the Standing Vice Chairman of Bamboo Airways, expressed his confidence in the newly appointed General Director.

 He emphasized that Luong Hoai Nam’s extensive professional background, coupled with his profound experience in aviation and related sectors like real estate and tourism, make him the ideal candidate for this pivotal role.

It is expected that under his leadership, Bamboo Airways will work closely with the Board of Directors and strategic investors to inspire the workforce to achieve new milestones and expedite the restructuring process.

General Director’s Outlook

Luong Hoai Nam, the newly appointed General Director, expressed his gratitude for the trust bestowed upon him by the strategic investor and Bamboo Airways’ Board of Directors.

He recognizes the significance of this opportunity to lead the airline during a crucial phase of repositioning.

He conveyed his confidence in the collaborative efforts of investors, directors, and employees to ensure the success of Bamboo Airways’ restructuring process.

A Vision for the Future

Luong Hoai Nam outlined his vision for the airline’s future, highlighting the extensive nature of the restructuring project, which he believes is the most far-reaching in Vietnamese aviation history.

He is committed to giving his best effort to complete the assigned tasks, with the ultimate goal of stabilizing operations and paving the way for future growth.

One of the initial targets is to rebuild the fleet size to 30 aircraft, with plans to increase it to 50 and beyond.

Restructuring Progress

In recent months, Bamboo Airways has implemented a comprehensive set of measures to enhance the efficiency of its production and business activities.

These solutions have charted a new course for the airline, positioning it for success in late 2023 and early 2024.

Expanding the Fleet and Routes

Bamboo Airways’ fleet is set to undergo a transformation, incorporating narrow-body aircraft and jets that will serve key domestic routes, with a strong emphasis on trunk routes such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

The airline is also poised to cater to high-demand domestic tourist routes and international routes to Southeast Asia.

Simultaneously, Bamboo Airways is actively expanding its lessor network by collaborating with Boeing and Airbus to fulfill previously agreed-upon aircraft purchase agreements.

These proactive efforts are aimed at preparing for a fleet expansion from 2024 onwards.

Seizing Future Opportunities

Bamboo Airways is strategically positioned to capitalize on upcoming developments in Vietnam’s aviation industry.

The anticipated opening of the T3 Passenger Terminal at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in 2025 and the Long Thanh International Airport in 2026 presents significant growth opportunities for the airline.

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