Azul takes delivery of E195-E2 jet from Azorra

Azul airline staff with a new E195-E2 jet in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Azorra

Aircraft lessor Azorra has recently marked the delivery of the first Embraer E195-E2 from its firm orderbook to Azul, Brazil’s largest airline.

The delivery was effected by a special handover at Embraer’s São José dos Campos facility, hosted by senior representatives from Azorra, Azul and Embraer.

Strategic Fleet Transformation

Azul’s commitment to advancing its fleet transformation plan took a significant leap with the retirement of its E195-E1 aircraft in 2022.

This move signals the airline’s strategic shift towards embracing the next generation of aviation technology, exemplified by the delivery of the cutting-edge E195-E2.

The recent handover event was a testament to the longstanding partnership between Azorra and Azul. Senior representatives from both companies, alongside Embraer, marked the occasion with enthusiasm and commitment to a shared vision.


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Stakeholder Comments

As Ron Baur, President of Azorra, expressed, the E195-E2 delivery signifies more than just a transaction. It represents the strengthening of a longstanding relationship between Azul and Azorra.

This particular E195-E2 is the pioneer of three modern crossover jets that Azorra is set to deliver to Azul, marking the beginning of a new era in Brazilian aviation.

Raphael Linares, Fleet and Aircraft Programs Director of Azul, underscored the impact of leasing crossover jets from Azorra’s expert team.

This strategic decision allows Azul to reduce unit costs while embracing one of the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft in the market.

Environmental Considerations

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the choice of the E195-E2 reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The advanced engine technology of the E2 positions it as the most efficient aircraft in the single-aisle segment, boasting the lowest noise and fuel burn.

This not only aligns with Azul’s sustainability goals but also contributes to reducing trip costs, enhancing the airline’s overall operational efficiency.

The Value Proposition of Embraer’s E2

Marcelo Santiago, VP Contracts and Asset Management, Embraer Commercial Aviation, highlighted the considerable and growing value the E2 brings to Azul.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the E2 outperforms its predecessor, the E1, ensuring Azul remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in commercial aviation.

About Azul

Azul S.A. [NYSE: AZUL], the largest airline in Brazil by number of flight departures and cities served, offers 1,000 daily flights to over 160 destinations.

With an operating fleet of over 180 aircraft and more than 14,000 Crewmembers, the company has a network of more than 300 non-stop routes as of September 2023.

The carrier was named by Cirium (leading aviation data analysis company) as the most on-time airline in the world in 2022, being the first Brazilian airline to obtain this honor.

In 2020 Azul was awarded best airline in the world by TripAdvisor, first time a Brazilian flag carrier earns number one ranking in the Traveler’s Choice Awards.

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