Azul secures US$200 million credit facility for Engine maintenance

Azul Airbus A350-900 parked at the hangar.
Photo Credit: Azul.

Azul S.A., Brazil’s aviation giant, has recently secured a new US$200 million secured credit facility to finance engine maintenance.

This move is poised to not only optimize liquidity but also revolutionize the engine maintenance process for its Embraer and Airbus fleet, courtesy of a strategic partnership with GE Aerospace.

Azul’s Unmatched Network

Azul S.A., trading as AZUL on B3 and NYSE, proudly holds the title of Brazil’s largest airline in terms of both the number of flights and cities served.

This achievement reflects not just the airline’s scale but also its commitment to connecting people across the vast expanse of Brazil.

The $200 million secured credit facility is a game-changer for Azul, specifically for its subsidiaries, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras S.A. (“ALAB”) and Azul Investments LLP.


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The primary aim is financing the engine maintenance of ALAB’s Embraer and Airbus fleet, a crucial aspect of ensuring the operational efficiency and safety of the airline’s aircraft.

Azul airline staff with a new E195-E2 jet in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Azorra

Engine Maintenance Partnership with GE Aerospace

Azul’s choice of GE Celma Ltda., a subsidiary of GE Aerospace, for engine maintenance underscores a commitment to excellence.

This partnership is not merely a transaction; it’s a strategic move to ensure that every flight is powered by cutting-edge technology and maintained to the highest standards.

The Brazilian Guarantees Agency – ABGF played a pivotal role as the rapporteur in securing approval for this credit facility.

The Export Financing and Guarantee Committee – COFIG, ensuring adherence to the presented conditions by ABGF, gave the green light.

This marks not just a financial milestone but also a testament to Azul’s credibility in navigating complex processes.

An Azul Airbus takes off.
Photo Credit: Azul.

CFO Alex Malfitani Speaks

In the words of Alex Malfitani, Azul´s CFO and Investor Relations Officer, “We believe that this new credit facility will enable us to optimize our liquidity position and streamline our fleet engine maintenance process, further enhancing our partnership with GE Aerospace.”

This vision encapsulates the strategic foresight behind the move – not just financial stability but operational excellence.

This secured credit facility is about the ripple effect it creates within Azul’s operations.

With optimized liquidity, the airline gains the flexibility to navigate industry challenges, ensuring a seamless experience for passengers and stakeholders alike.

As we witness Azul’s strategic financial maneuver, it’s evident that this airline is not just about the present; it’s about building a future-ready aviation ecosystem.

The investment in engine maintenance is an investment in the reliability and sustainability of Azul’s operations for years to come.

A Win for Brazil’s Aviation Landscape

Beyond the financial figures, this credit facility is a win for all stakeholders.

Azul secures its operational backbone, GE Aerospace strengthens its foothold in the Brazilian market, and Brazil’s aviation landscape witnesses a leap forward in terms of efficiency and collaboration.

As Azul S.A. takes this monumental step, the future looks promising. The optimized engine maintenance process sets the stage for enhanced operational capabilities, reinforcing Azul’s position as a leader in Brazil’s aviation sector.

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