Azerbaijan’s AZAL enters partnership with Hainan Airlines

Render of the tailplanes of an AZUL aircraft and Hainan Airlines aircraft together.
Image Credit: AZUL

The national air carrier of Azerbaijan, AZAL, has recently entered into a special prorate agreement with China’s Hainan Airlines.

The new brokered partnership will foster seamless travel to new destinations through Baku, Azerbaijan and Being, China.

Baku and Beijing Unite

The crux of this latest partnership lies in the synergy between AZAL and Hainan Airlines. Passengers now have the extraordinary opportunity to traverse new destinations effortlessly, all encapsulated within a single, cost-effective ticket.

This alliance transforms Baku and Beijing into dynamic hubs, fostering an unparalleled connectedness for travelers.

Accessing China: 28 Destinations

AZAL passengers are the true beneficiaries, gaining access to 28 diverse destinations served by Hainan Airlines across China.

Beijing, a bustling metropolis, acts as the pivotal connecting hub, opening avenues to cultural richness and economic vibrancy.


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This partnership is not just about travel; it’s about unlocking the treasures of China for Azerbaijani explorers.

A Hainan Airlines aircraft being loaded with cargo
Tyg728, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hainan Airlines Explores the World from Beijing

For Hainan Airlines patrons, the collaboration is a passport to the world. The sprawling global route network of AZAL becomes accessible, offering a multitude of choices for international travel.

From the enchanting allure of Bangkok to the vibrant cityscapes of Tokyo, AZAL’s routes become a gateway for Hainan Airlines customers to explore the world.

“The partnership creates new opportunities for travelers. Our citizens can journey from Baku to cities in China and other countries,” said Nazim Samadov, The First Deputy Director Executive of AZAL.

“Passengers traveling from China can conveniently transit through Baku to other destinations across the globe, all with a single ticket and more affordable rates. We are actively collaborating with other Chinese airlines on ongoing projects,” he said.

The Future of AZAL-Hainan Partnership

The recent AZAL-Hainan partnership now sets the stage for future collaborations between the two carriers.

With a commitment to providing enhanced travel experiences, both airlines are actively exploring additional projects with other Chinese carriers. The focus remains on creating synergies that redefine the possibilities of air travel.

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