Avolon Blockbuster Order for 140 Aircraft With Airbus & Boeing

Avolon Blockbuster Order for 140 Aircraft With Airbus & Boeing
Photo Credit: Avolon.

Irish lessor Avolon has just announced in the last few moments a blockbuster order for up to 140 aircraft with Airbus & Boeing.

It is understood the lessor has placed an order for 100 A321neo aircraft, and 40 737 MAX aircraft, with deliveries scheduled out to 2032.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Avolon Blockbuster Order for 140 Aircraft With Airbus & Boeing…

Avolon Blockbuster Order for 140 Aircraft With Airbus & Boeing
Photo Credit: Avolon.
Photo Credit: Avolon.


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It looks to be the Boeing 737 MAX 10 that Avolon has ordered, with the Airbus A321neos looking like they are just the standard variant.

This major order means that the current orderbook rises from 897, which was recorded on September 30, to a staggering 1,037 aircraft.

Commenting on this order was Andy Cronin, the CEO of the Irish-based lessor:

“Today’s orders strengthen our delivery pipeline and reflect our confidence in the long-term outlook for aviation.”

“We have committed to direct orders for 200 new, fuel-efficient aircraft this year, supporting the transformation of our fleet to lower emissions aircraft.”

“The scale of our orderbook reflects the strength of Avolon’s balance sheet, our proven ability to execute swiftly, and the longstanding relationships we have with both Airbus and Boeing.”

On the Airbus side of the order, Sales Chief Christian Scherer had this to say:

“This investment in the A321neo is a testimony by one of the world’s leading lessors to the unprecedented value the world’s most versatile single aisle aircraft generates for its lessor and operator base.”

“It points to Avolon’s vision to secure slots longer term for its strong airline customer portfolio with the right aircraft for the future.”

“This way Avolon and its customers can benefit from the strong wave of growth and replacements being observed globally across all markets”.

“With long-term travel demand expected to remain strong, we are ready to support lessors looking to increase their single-aisle portfolios with fuel-efficient jets capable of operating across various route networks,” said Brad McMullen, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

“Avolon continues to be a significant and much valued customer for the 737 program. This repeat order, in the same year, demonstrates its confidence in the 737-8 and the value the airplane brings to its customers.”

What this ultimately highlights is that demand for aircraft from lessors continues to grow, especially in a format where route & fleet expansion from airlines become more of a long-term priority.

This is yet again another major order for both Airbus & Boeing, who continue to fight over market share with their 737 MAX & A321neo aircraft. All eyes will be on how this goes.

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