Avion Express Begins Process of Expanding into Brazil

Avion Express Begins Process of Expanding into Brazil
Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource

ACMI provider Avion Express has this week announced the beginning of a process to expand into Brazil, which will be to acquire an Air Operator’s Certificate for the country.

The provider has made significant waves in Europe over the last few years, and is looking to replicate this further in other markets around the world.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Avion Express Begins Process of Expanding into Brazil…

Avion Express Begins Process of Expanding into Brazil
Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource
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Commenting on the decision to begin proceedings in Brazil was Darius Kajokas, the CEO of Avion Express:

“While Avion Express, as a professional and reliable ACMI airline, has firmly established itself in Europe, our strategic focus now extends to other markets: Latin America, Southeast Asia, and beyond. ACMI would be a rather novel concept for the Brazilian market, which approximately has 100 million passengers per annum.”

“Our services will create additional tools for local Brazilian airlines and tour operators to reach higher operational efficiencies throughout the year with a substantial positive impact on their Financial Structure and cashflow, replicating successful similar structures in place in Europe and other regions, taking into account the long trajectory, experience, and reliability of our Company.”

“Our footprint in the region has been recently expanding in different markets, making Brazil the next natural step in the region with a new and different approach to the market.”

“This strategic decision by Avion Express is also aligned to the initiatives launched by the Brazilian Government through ANAC to enter the Brazilian market under the “Voo Simple” and “Fly2Brazil” initiatives, which facilitate and speed up the certification processes, based on our current AOCs in Europe and global experience.”

Avion Express aims to start operations in Brazil by Q424, starting with 5-10 aircraft to begin with, with this growing to 27 by 2027/28.

All eyes will be on how this rapid growth in the country will go in the years ahead.

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