Avianca Records 21% Emissions Reduction in 2023

An Avianca Airlines Airbus A320 parked at the gate.
Photo Credit: Avianca Airlines

Incommemoration of Earth Day, Avianca proudly disclosed that in 2023, it achieved a notable 21% reduction in its absolute emissions.

In 2023, the airline offset 695,000 tons of carbon dioxide through restoration and reforestation projects in Colombia.

Compared to 2019, the airline achieved a remarkable 21% decrease in total emissions, even while accommodating a 5% growth in passengers.

These emissions encompass the total output generated during aircraft operations.

Performance Metrics in 2023

The airline also boasts a 26% reduction in emissions per passenger transported compared to 2019. This metric emphasizes efficiency, as it directly relates emissions produced to the number of flyers.

“This 21% reduction in absolute emissions is a testament to our successful business model,” stated Andrés Muñoz, Avianca’s environmental management manager.

“We’re fulfilling our promise to expand access to air travel while remaining environmentally responsible and committed to the well-being of the regions we serve.”

“More people are flying with Avianca, yet we’re achieving lower absolute and per-passenger emissions. This reflects a strategy of conscious and sustainable growth that prioritizes both operational efficiency and connectivity.”

An Avianca jet on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Avianca Group

Strategies for Success

Avianca’s achievements stem from a multi-pronged approach focused on accessibility, connectivity, and environmental responsibility. Key initiatives include:

  • Strategic Route Network: Implementing more point-to-point routes optimizes travel distances and reduces emissions.
  • Fleet Optimization: Reconfiguring the fleet plays a crucial role in lowering emissions per passenger.
  • Avianca Fuel Program: This program directly contributed to avoiding the emission of 71,256 tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Modern Aircraft: The incorporation of A320NEO aircraft, renowned for lower emissions compared to previous generations, further enhances sustainability efforts.

Beyond Reduction: Compensation Initiatives

Avianca goes beyond simply reducing emissions by actively supporting regional restoration and reforestation projects.

In 2023, these efforts successfully compensated for an impressive 695,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

About Avianca

Avianca, a member of the Star Alliance network, comprises Avianca airlines, LifeMiles loyalty program, and Avianca Cargo. With over 104 years of experience since 1919, Avianca is the leading passenger airline in Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America.

It boasts one of the largest air operations in Latin America, featuring 147 routes, nearly 710 daily flights, and a fleet of 140 Airbus 320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Avianca connects over 75 destinations in 25 countries across the Americas and Europe. In 2023, the airline secured the top spot in the “Global Airlines” category of the Cirium punctuality index.

The airline transported over 32.2 million passengers on more than 213,000 flights. LifeMiles, its loyalty program, is a Latin American leader with over 14 million members and 600 partner brands.

Additionally, Avianca Cargo is a regional leader and a primary operator in various markets throughout the Americas.

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