Avianca completes reconfiguration of 104 A320 aircraft

View of new interior of Avianca Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft.
Photo Credit: Avianca Airlines

In a remarkable feat accomplished in under two years, Avianca Airlines has successfully completed the reconfiguration of 104 Airbus A320 aircraft.

With the invaluable contributions of over 1,500 skilled technicians, Avianca has achieved a significant milestone in its journey towards becoming a more efficient and sustainable airline.

The primary objective behind this fleet reconfiguration is to provide Avianca’s customers with an increased seating capacity of up to 20% per aircraft, accommodating a total of 180 seats.

Seating reconfiguration

The seating options are thoughtfully divided into three categories: Premium, Plus, and Economy. This expansion in capacity enables Avianca to offer more competitive prices, transport a larger number of passengers per aircraft, alleviate congestion at certain airports, and reduce CO2 emissions per passenger by an impressive 15.35%.

These measures align with Avianca’s commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious manner.

Throughout 2022, Avianca made significant progress in reconfiguring its fleet, resulting in the transportation of over 24.6 million passengers on 187,000 flights.

These numbers speak volumes about Avianca’s dedication to providing a seamless travel experience and the trust customers place in the airline.


An ambitious timeline achieved

Avianca’s President and CEO, Adrian Neuhauser, expressed immense pride in this accomplishment, emphasizing the collective effort involved.

Despite initial skepticism about the ambitious timeline set by Avianca, the airline successfully collaborated with more than 1,500 experts from its MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) department.

The collaboration extended to key allies such as Recaro, the seat manufacturer, and Airbus, the fleet manufacturer and engineering developer. These partnerships proved essential in driving the project forward, even amidst challenges like the pandemic, the war in Europe, and supply shortages.

The fleet reconfiguration not only enhances Avianca’s efficiency and competitiveness but also brings the company closer to its overarching business plan, ultimately realizing the goal of becoming an airline for everyone.

Revival of traffic levels

Avianca’s commitment to preparing for the revival of traffic levels following the global challenges faced by the aviation industry over the past few years has paid off.

Passengers can now enjoy an improved cabin experience with Airbus’ SpaceFlex Next Generation, an unprecedented choice for over 100 A320 aircraft.

This successful retrofitting of such a substantial number of aircraft in just two years, amidst a supply chain crisis, stands as a remarkable achievement.

Yohan Closs, Vice President of Services for Airbus Latin America & the Caribbean, acknowledged the magnitude of Avianca’s accomplishment and its positive impact on the passenger inflight experience.

Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding, also expressed his pride in the collaborative efforts of Avianca, Airbus, and RECARO. The relentless dedication of their teams, working tirelessly day and night, has brought about this new and improved passenger experience.

As a company committed to producing sustainable solutions, RECARO takes pride in contributing to the well-being of Avianca’s customers and the industry as a whole, said Hiller.


As part of its expansion strategy in various markets, Avianca plans to continue incorporating A320 aircraft into its fleet.

These newly acquired aircraft will initially have a different configuration but will undergo the reconfiguration process in 2023, ensuring a consistent and upgraded travel experience across Avianca’s entire fleet.

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