Avianca Airlines named World’s Most Punctual Airline for 4th consecutive month

An Avianca Airlines Airbus A320 parked at the gate.
Photo Credit: Avianca Airlines

For the fourth consecutive month in 2023, Avianca Airlines has been acknowledged as the world’s most punctual global airline, based on aviation data analytics firm Cirium‘s ranking for September.

With an impressive record of over 17,000 flights operated and an On Time Performance (OTP) indicator of 89.9%, Avianca Airlines continues to set the bar high.

A Punctuality Streak in 2023

Throughout the year, Avianca Airlines has consistently held a prominent position in the ranking, reaffirming its commitment to punctuality.

In July, the airline secured the second position, only to rise to the top spot in August and maintain its lead in September.

This remarkable feat is perhaps a shout out to the airline’s 13,000 employees, who clearly work tirelessly to ensure passengers arrive safely, on time, and with all their baggage at their desired destinations.

Avianca CEO Comments

Avianca Deputy CEO, Frederico Pedreira, expressed his thanks to the airline’s employees who worked to make the result possible.


He stated, “This milestone clearly confirms the dedication and discipline of more than 13,000 employees who every day give their all so that our customers arrive safely, on time and with all their baggage at their destination.”

“The numbers speak for themselves: not only did we maintain our first-place ranking, but we also increased our punctuality indicator by three points compared to August, reaching 89.9% in September.”

“We are now focused on ensuring optimal service as we prepare for the winter season operation, which will see a significant increase in capacity.”

Mr. Pedreira’s words underscore the commitment of the airline to not only maintain their punctuality standards but to continually raise the bar for excellence in the aviation industry.

An Avianca jet on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Avianca Group

Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Service

Avianca also highlighted the significance of collaborative efforts in the aviation industry.

Aviation authority directives have called for an increase in capacity to 74 operations per hour (the number of takeoffs and landings) for the summer season at El Dorado Airport.

The carrier emphasizes the importance of all stakeholders working together to deliver consistent and punctual service.

About Avianca Group

AVIANCA includes Avianca, LifeMiles and Avianca Cargo. In passenger transportation, Avianca, with more than 103 years of continuous operation since 1919, is the leading airline in Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America.

It has one of the largest air operations in Latin America with 144 routes, 4,200 weekly flights and a fleet of 128 Airbus 320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, connecting to around 71 destinations in 24 countries in the Americas and Europe.

In 2022, the airline carried 24.6 million passengers with the operation of more than 187,000 flights. Its loyalty program, LifeMiles, is one of the largest in Latin America with more than 12.4 million members and 500 allied brands.

In cargo transportation, Avianca Cargo is a leader in the region and is the main operator in different markets in the Americas.

It serves more than 50 destinations with a fleet of Airbus 330 freighters, in addition to operating bellies in passenger aircraft. In 2022, Avianca Cargo transported more than 450,000 tons of cargo.

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