Avia Solutions acquires Australian regional Skytrans

A Skytrans Dash 8 aircraft on the taxiway.
Lance C Broad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Avia Solutions Group, the world’s foremost ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider boasting a formidable fleet of 199 aircraft, has set its sights on acquiring the renowned Australian airline, Skytrans.

The Share Purchase Agreement inked marks a pivotal moment, steering both aviation giants into a new era of collaboration.

With the acquisition poised for completion in March 2024, contingent upon specific transaction conditions, this strategic move promises far-reaching implications for the regional aviation landscape.


As an Australian-owned and operated airline and air charter business, Skytrans specializes in Regular Public Transport (RPT) and charter services, maintaining a fleet comprising 13 regional aircraft.

This acquisition not only heralds a change in ownership but also potentially opens doors to transformative possibilities for Skytrans.


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The acquisition of Skytrans will grant Avia Soutions an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in Australia, allowing it to operate both passenger and cargo flights.

With 11 AOCs already in their global portfolio, the addition of an Australian AOC advances the Group’s intended expansion plan in the Asia-Pacific region.

Strategic Expansion in Asia-Pacific

Avia Solutions Group’s strategic vision extends beyond the acquisition of Skytrans. The ambitious plan includes the establishment and acquisition of seven additional airlines across diverse countries like Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, and Turkey by the end of 2024.

This strategic move underscores the group’s commitment to solidifying its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

A key insight into Avia Solutions Group’s expansion strategy lies in its pursuit of markets with opposing seasonality to Europe.

Jonas Janukenas, the CEO of Avia Solutions Group, emphasizes, “Australia is a new addition to our group’s global footprint, where we see significant potential and growth opportunities, enabling us to offer ACMI services.”

This strategic orientation positions the group to harness untapped potential in the Australian aviation market.

Skytrans CEO Comments

Alan Milne, the CEO of Skytrans, was optimistic about the impending merger. This synergy of expertise and resources looks to be a win-win scenario for both entities.

“Becoming a part of the group will give us the chance to benefit from the best business practices and experience, as well as expanding our operations, fleet, and geographic reach, while strengthening our position in the market,” said Milne.

Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group is the parent company to SmartLynx Airlines, Avion Express, AirExplore, KlasJet, Magma Aviation, and more, operating worldwide.

The group also comprises a leading global provider of MRO services, FL Technics, with 100 line maintenance stations worldwide and maintenance hangars in Lithuania, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. 

Furthermore, Avia Solutions Group also operates the largest independent pilot training organization, BAA Training, with schools in Spain, Lithuania, and Vietnam.

The amalgamation of expertise, resources, and strategic vision with the Skytrans acquisition paves the way for a future where both entities flourish.

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