Aventure Aviation signs deal with WestJet for seven Boeing 737s

Photo Credit: Aventure Aviation

LONDON – Atlanta based Aventure Aviation has announced the acquisition of seven Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft from major Canadian airline, WestJet. The deal was completed with the support of law firm Smith Gambrell Russel, who were representing Aventure. 

Aventure Aviation are specialists in the tear down of a variety of jets, with the intention to provide aircraft parts and component management solutions to numerous aircraft operators.

These solutions include component repair management for commercial airlines, military air forces and MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) facilities. In addition, they can provide assistance with end-of-life and retired aircraft.

According to data published by aviation analytics firm Cirium, approximately 5300 NGs remain in service around the world. 

It would therefore be safe to assume that the parts procured from these seven jets will soon find homes within Aventure’s extensive customer network.

A big deal

“This major acquisition will provide a significant inventory increase for our global customer base”, said Kevin Lang, Aventure’s Director of strategic accounts.

The acquired jets went by manufacturing serial numbers: 34284, 34285, 34286, 34287, 34288, 35111 and 35112. Tear down operations will take place in Marina, Arizona.

The 737s will come out of WestJet’s fleet of all-Boeing aircraft, of which they currently operate 98 single aisle, and 7 wide body aircraft. 

The seven aircraft are to be dismantled into parts by highly experienced technicians and sent to Aventure Aviation’s Atlanta warehouse as available stock for onward sale. This stock will then be available for purchase to Aventure’s strong worldwide customer network.

“We are constantly seeing new ways to support our global customer base, who trust us to provide quality parts on time with full traceability and recent shop work” said Andrew Crombie, Aventure’s product line Sales Director. 

A busy period

Outlining how busy the company have been lately, Crombie continued: ”This adds to the 15 aircraft dismantled in recent months, providing our customers with the latest 737NG inventory.”

“Aventure continues to offer a unique global aviation investment platform for investors, leasing companies, and owners. We are in active discussions to find solutions for idle aircraft”, said Talha Faruqi, Aventure’s President.

Aventure holds a lot of its business at MRO events throughout the world. These events are where airlines, lessors, suppliers and other industry experts come together to network, explore and define the aviation maintenance industry. 

“With our teardown experience, we have solutions to deploy capital, provide asset management services, and material consignments for stakeholders,” Faruqi continued.”

More work to be done

Aventure will be attending two MRO events in the coming months – the first ‘MRO Middle East’ is taking place in Dubai on 1st and 2nd March 2023 and the second, ‘MRO Americas’ is taking place in their hometown of Atlanta on 18th-20th April 2023.

At these shows there will be representatives on hand to discuss parts, supply solutions and seek synergies with other maintenance, repair and overhaul shops. 

Faruqi noted that they are always on the lookout to broker further deals with establishments that are storing inactive aircraft. 

By Jamie Stokes 4 Min Read
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