Avelo Airlines Installs New Finlets on Boeing 737 Aircraft

Avelo Airlines Installs New Finlets on Boeing 737 Aircraft
Photo Credit: Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines has this week announced the installation of finlets on it’s Boeing 737 aircraft in the name of fuel & emissions efficiency.

Airlines around the world are always finding ways to be more efficient when they are in the air.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The New Avelo Airlines 737 Finlets…

Avelo Airlines Installs New Finlets on Boeing 737 Aircraft
Photo Credit: Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines has partnered with Vortex Control Technologies to install these new finlets on the Boeing 737.

This makes the airline the first operator of the aircraft type to have them installed.

On top of this, they are also the second airline in the world to utilize this new standard setting.

Avelo Airlines believes this will help them reduce their carbon footprint by 11 million pounds of CO2 annually.

Adding to this further was Andrew Levy, the CEO & Chairman of the Airline:

“We’ve set out to build a different and better kind of airline at Avelo.”

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“Investing in cost-saving innovations and technologies is a cornerstone of our business.”

“We are excited to be the first airline in the world to install VCT Finlets on Boeing NG 737-800 aircraft.”

“This investment will have a meaningful reduction in our annual fuel costs, while also significantly reducing our carbon footprint.”

“It’s a win-win for our business and the planet. VCT is a great partner, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on the development and testing of this game-changing innovation.”

Lower Operating Costs = Cheaper Airfares?

Avelo Airlines Installs New Finlets on Boeing 737 Aircraft
Photo Credit: Avelo Airlines.

If operating costs can be reduced as a result of these new finlets being installed on Avelo Airlines aircraft, it opens up opportunities.

Lower operating costs will enable the airline to provide cheaper airfares and provide better competition.

On routes where they are competing against others, this is a major deal in securing more passenger traffic.

Vortex Control Technologies CEO Andrew Morgan added to this point somewhat:

“The FAA certification of Finlets on 737NGs is the culmination of over a decade long design effort involving wind tunnel testing, computational fluid dynamics, and comprehensive U.S. Air Force and FAA flight tests on the C-130, C-17 and 737NG aircraft.”

“Avelo has been a terrific partner in this endeavor, and we look forward to assisting them in achieving their sustainability goals while also reducing costs.”

The first finlets were installed in September 2023 by VCT and Avelo Airlines.

In a very quick turnaround, they expect it’s entire fleet of 16 aircraft to be installed with these new systems by year-end.


Photo Credit: Avelo Airlines.

In conclusion, this is a major move for Avelo Airlines as they continue to look for anywhere where costs can be reduced.

As the rest of the fleet gets installed with these new finlets, all eyes will be on the efficiency savings in question.

Passengers will hope that these savings can then be passed onto them when booking airfares with the airline.

But for now, let’s see how this installation goes throughout the whole of 2024.

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