ATSA becomes first South American operator of Dash 8-400 freighter conversion

Render of an ATSA Dash 8-400 cargo freighter.
Image Credit: De Havilland Canada

LONDON – De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited have announced that Aero Transporte S.A. (ATSA) has entered into an agreement for the conversion of a Dash 8-400 large cargo door freighter.

First South American operator

With this agreement, ATSA becomes the first South American operator of Dash 8-400 aircraft to join de Havilland Canada’s Cargo Solutions Program and ATSA’s Dash 8-400 F-LCD will be the first to operate on the continent.

ATSA currently operates two Dash 8-400 aircraft from its base in Peru to support the mining sector.

“As an experienced operator of the Dash 8-400, we know first-hand its outstanding performance capabilities to support our expanding cargo operations in Peru’s mining sector.

Our country’s complex geography that includes arid coastal plains, the Andes and the tropical forests of the Amazon basin, make the Dash 8-400 the ideal option for this type of operations,” said Carlos Cueva, president of ATSA.

“We are pleased to welcome ATSA to our cargo solutions program and wish the airline every success with its expanding operations to continue supporting cargo transportation,” said Philippe Poutissou, vice president of sales and marketing for ATSA. DeHaviland Canada.

“De Havilland Canada will be performing the ATSA Dash 8-400 F-LCD conversion in Canada and using our Transport Canada approved Original Manufacturer (OEM) service bulletins, showing our growing ability to provide ongoing support to the world fleet of de Havilland Canada aircraft.”

Dash 8-400 Freighter with large cargo door

The DASC 8-400 F-LCD Dash 8-400 Package Freighter will be able to be equipped with a Large Cargo Door (“LCD”) and loading system to provide a containerized loading model that will facilitate the transport of containers or pallets with Unit Load Devices (ULD).

With the 2.7m x 1.8m LCD display, the Dash 8-400 F-LCD will be equipped to handle typical containers such as the LD1, LD2, LD3 and LD4. For example, the aircraft is able to carry up to eight LD3 containers.

This will allow interline transfer of containers from other aircraft on an operator’s network. Ideal for hub-and-spoke network operators as well as major logistics operators.

About ATSA

ATSA is a Peruvian company with more than 41 years in the market, under the support of Grupo Romero.

The air operator provides an exclusive service in VIP flights, passenger and cargo charter flights, and assisted aerial evacuation.

On the ground, a fixed base operations service (FBO) and aeronautical maintenance workshop (TMA) are efficiently operated and maintained.

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