Atlas Air and Turkish Airlines conduct humanitarian aid flight

An Atlas Air aircraft is loaded with supplies for Turkey Syria earthquake survivors.
Photo Credit: Atlas Air

LONDON – Last week, US carrier Atlas Air despatched a Boeing 747-8F freighter from Washington Dulles International Airport carrying tons of humanitarian and relief supplies for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

The carrier worked in partnership with Turkish Airlines, along with the Turkish Embassy, to expedite this relief mission to support the critical needs of thousands of people impacted by this natural disaster.

Atlas Air provided the freighter aircraft and crew and Turkish Airlines organised the collection of clothes, shoes, medical supplies and other essentials.

“Through our partnership with Turkish Airlines, we are honored to contribute air freight capacity to deliver critical supplies to this region where they are needed the most,” said John Dietrich, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Air Worldwide.

“We are moved by the heroic work of first responders and humanitarian organizations to provide relief to the communities impacted by this natural disaster.  On behalf of our 5,000 Atlas employees around the world, we are grateful for this opportunity to show our support.” 

Earthquake region – current situation

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake event, has resulted in severe loss of life and devastation. The event is significant, and according to a BBC report, Prof Joanna Faure Walker, head of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London, said:

“Of the deadliest earthquakes in any given year, only two in the last 10 years have been of equivalent magnitude, and four in the previous 10 years.”

As rescue efforts continue in the earthquake affected region, the death toll has risen progressively, with 46,000 now confirmed dead in the Turkey and Syria regions affected.

The British broadcaster BBC reports that the United Nations has launched an appeal for over $1bn (£830m) to fund the Turkish relief operation, and another $400m (£332m) for Syrians.

The relief aid provided by the Atlas Air and Turkish Airlines operations joins the efforts of multiple aid groups, who are reporting that survivors will need months of help to rebuild their lives.

About Atlas Air Worldwide

Atlas Air Worldwide is a leading global provider of outsourced aircraft and aviation operating services. It is the parent company of Atlas Air, Inc., and Titan Aviation Holdings, Inc., and is the majority shareholder of Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc.

The group’s companies operate the world’s largest fleet of 747 freighter aircraft and provide their customers with the broadest array of Boeing 747, 777, 767 and 737 aircraft for domestic, regional and international cargo and passenger operations.

Atlas Air recently made aviation news following its induction of the final production aircraft in the Boeing 747 line.

The 747 line has a history spanning over 50 years, and last week’s flight by an Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F freighter aircraft continues that amazing legacy.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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