Asia Cargo Network Enters UK Market

An Asia Cargo Network Mena Cargo Boeing freighter in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Asia Cargo Network

This week it has been revealed that the Singaporean-based group, Asia Cargo Network (ACN) has entered the UK aviation sector.

This article will cover the details surrounding Asia Cargo Network’s entrance to the UK with its new leasing office.

Asia Cargo Network (ACN) Heads to the UK

Photo Credit: Asia Cargo Network Group

Marking its entrance into the UK aviation sector, Asia Cargo Network Group (ACN) has inaugurated its first aviation leasing office, situated in the heart of the nation’s capital, London.

ACN has decided to open a new UK London office in a bid to help further strengthen its growing fleet and clientele, supporting the growth of the air freight sector.

This new office is expected to add additional capabilities to ACN, helping to further expand its network across Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

This major step forward for the growing Singaporean group will see their ACN Aeroleasing division, a joint venture between the ACN Group and Planeinvest Limited, begin to further expand its leasing outreach.

At present, the ACN Group consists of four operators, Asia Cargo Airlines, RDG Airlines, RGA-Black Stone Airlines, and World Cargo Airline (WCA).

Across the entire group, they operate a current total of 12 aircraft, broken down as, four Boeing 737-300 Freighters for Asia Cargo Airlines, three Boeing 737-300 Freighters for RGA-Black Stone Airlines, one Boeing 737-400 Freighter and three Boeing 737-800 Freighters for World Cargo Airline (WCA), and one Bombardier CRJ-200ER that operates VIP services under RDG Airlines.

Executive Comments

Commenting on their new UK-based leasing office in London, Group Chairman of Asia Cargo Network, Marco Isaak, has said, “Our expansion into the United Kingdom signifies a critical milestone in the execution of our long-term strategic vision.”

“This move underscores our steadfast commitment to offering the most competitive and effective leasing solutions to our international customer base.”

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By Jamie Clarke 2 Min Read
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