Arajet recognized as World’s Best Startup Airline at CAPA Awards

Render of Arajet 737-8
Image Credit: Boeing

Dominican Republic-based carrier Arajet has been recognized with the accolade of Best Startup Airline of the World at the recently held CAPA Awards.

Nine other global aviation and airport awards were also given at the Awards service held last week.

The Rise of Arajet

Arajet, the newly established low-price airline based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, soared to new heights by winning the prestigious title of “Best Startup Airline of the World.”

The airline stood out among a competitive pool of over 20 airlines that commenced operations in the last three years.

Photo Credit: Arajet

The CAPA Awards committee recognized Arajet as the most innovative and impactful newcomer, setting it apart from its peers in the aviation realm.


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What sets Arajet apart is not just its recognition but its noteworthy fleet. Operating six new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft with plans to increase to eight by the year-end, Arajet is certainly making itself noticed.

Fleet Expansion

Furthermore, with an order in place with The Boeing Company, Arajet could potentially boast a fleet exceeding 45 aircraft by 2027.

Arajet’s commitment to innovation extends to its choice of aircraft. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in its fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering significantly lower fuel burn and reduced noise levels compared to earlier generations.

This not only enhances the airline’s environmental credentials but also contributes to a more pleasant travel experience for passengers.

A Remarkable Inaugural Year

In its inaugural year, Arajet achieved a milestone by transporting over half a million passengers. This impressive feat underscores the airline’s rapid growth and increasing popularity among travelers seeking affordable and efficient air travel options.

Víctor Pacheco Méndez, CEO and founder of Arajet, expressed his gratitude for the prestigious award.

He stated, “We are very proud of this award, which is the recognition of a dream come true. Arajet is the story of a startup that was born from the desire that the Dominican diaspora could travel to our country at low prices.”

Méndez further shared the grandeur of Arajet’s ambitions, transforming the Dominican Republic into the new Hub of the American Continent.

With connectivity to 22 destinations in 16 countries, Arajet provides over 150 connection possibilities, solidifying its position as a key player in the aviation industry within just one year.

Boeing’s Perspective

Gardiner Porter, sales director for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, commended Arajet as an extraordinary partner for The Boeing Company.

Arajet’s distinction as the first operator of the Boeing 737-8 to receive such recognition fills Boeing with pride. This partnership reflects not only on the carrier’s success but also on Boeing’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient aircraft.

The CAPA Awards

Arajet’s success story unfolded at the CAPA Awards, the aviation industry’s leading global recognition platform.

Among other notable winners, Alaska Airlines claimed the Best Airline/Airline Group of the Year, and London Gatwick Airport was honored as the best large airport in the world.

In a touching gesture, Pacheco Méndez dedicated the award to the Dominican people and the more than 400 Arajet employees.

Their collective effort and hard work played a pivotal role in turning the new airline’s dream into a reality. Pacheco Méndez also expressed gratitude to the government of the Dominican Republic for its unwavering support, emphasizing the venture’s positive impact on the country’s connectivity and Latin America as a whole.

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