Arajet launches 42 connections in 9 countries

An Arajet Boeing 737 on climb.
MHernandezp05, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Caribbean low-cost carrier Arajet has announced a significant expansion to its route network which will see increases in 42 round-trip connections to 9 countries.

The carrier’s network expansion was announced at the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) in Punta Cana this week.

The move will see the expansion to 42 round-trip connections, two days a week to and from 9 countries in its route network, turning the Dominican Republic into the low-cost hub of the Caribbean.

“What we promised is already a reality: Arajet offers connections and brings 9 of the 11 countries in our network closer through low fares so that more people can fly for the first time, reconnect with friends and family, or visit our region,” assured Víctor Pacheco, CEO and founder of Arajet.

“Today an Arajet passenger who is in Mexico City can book a dinner in Medellín and have lunch in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, generating business and tourism opportunities in our country and contributing to its development.”

Above: CEO Victor Pacheco speaks at DATE. Photo Credit: Arajet

300,000 new seats offered

Pacheco points out that the recent expansion means that Arajet customers have access to 300,000 new seats incorporated into the airline’s offer until March 30, 2024.

With 42 new connections already operating normally in the network, the airline points out that travellers can plan the vacation of their dreams for a fraction of what they imagined.

“We offer the lowest rate, so that our passengers can customize their flights and pay only for what they need,” Pacheco added.


Flight scheduling

Arajet currently connects through two weekly frequencies on Tuesdays and Saturdays Mexico City (NLU), Cancun (CUN), Guatemala City (GUA) and San Salvador (SAL) with Aruba (AUA), Curaçao (CUR), St. Marteen (SXM), Kingston (KIN) and Cartagena (CRT).

This opens new possibilities for development and exchange between the continent and the Caribbean. Mr. Pacheco further added that the airline will soon open new routes to South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay.

“We are about to open new destinations to bring closer together tourists from the south of the continent to the Caribbean,” he said.

About Arajet

Arajet is the first low-fare airline in the Caribbean region and started operations in September 2022 from its base at Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo, under its airline operator certificate (AOC) from the Dominican Republic.

Arajet will operate a new fleet of Boeing 737MAX-8 aircraft that provide safe and affordable travel to and from the Dominican Republic to several destinations in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean region.

Mr. Pacheco´s remarks in Punta Cana closed with a presentation of Arajet´s Pilot for a Day social impact program. The airline’s programme has already benefited more than 350 Dominican children and young people from vulnerable communities.

It seeks to motivate them to become passionate about the world of aviation and develop technical and professional careers as flight attendants, pilots, engineers, and technicians.

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