Arajet Expands Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lima & Sao Paulo

Arajet Expands Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lima & Sao Paulo
Photo Credit: Arajet.

It looks like Arajet is experiencing a lot of growth in South America as data shows they are adding more flights to Buenos Aires, Lima, Cartagena & Sao Paulo.

The Caribbean-based airline has been making strong progress out of it’s base in Santo Domingo, and could show promising signs moving forward.

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Arajet Expands Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lima & Sao Paulo…

Arajet Expands Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lima & Sao Paulo
Photo Credit: Arajet.

Looking into the Summer 2024 season, Arajet will be adding more weekly flights to Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lima & Sao Paulo.

On the Buenos Aires front, services will increase from four to six weekly on June 1, with this changing to daily by June 19.

As for Cartagena, this increases from four times per week to five times per week from April 4 next year, and will then move to six weekly by June 3.

Lima will move from three weekly to four weekly by April 2, and services from Santo Domingo to Sao Paulo will move from three to four weekly by April 6, and then daily by June 3.


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Arajet And It’s Fleet…

Photo Credit: Arajet.

As per data from, Arajet currently has a fleet of seven Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in the fleet at present.

The airline was founded originally back in 2014 as Dominican Wings, but was then changed to Arajet in 2021.

However, the Arajet brand commenced operations in September 2022, just 14 months ago.

By March of that year, they had already penned in a deal with Boeing for up to 20 737 MAXs, so they only need another 13 based on their current orderbook.

Since it’s launch in September 2022, the carrier already has services spanning into Argentina (Buenos Aires), Aruba, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Canada, Chile, Colombia (Cartagena & more), Peru (Lima) and much more! They already serve a total of 22 destinations.

It remains clear that this airline will be one to keep a close eye on in the years ahead, as much more is clearly planned, that’s for sure.

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