ANA Group Announces Flight Scheduling for FY 2023

An ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Tokyo Airport.
スカイライナー, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – ANA Holdings Inc., (ANA) has announced its flight schedule for the 2023 financial year (FY2023).

In response to new trends in demand and recovery from COVID-19, ANA is pursuing transformative measures to shift to a new airline business model.

Throughout the 2022 fiscal year, in an effort to respond to the recovery in demand, ANA HD steadily restored the network that was temporarily downsized during the pandemic.

Domestic operations

For its domestic scheduling, the airline group will balance services between its main carrier ANA and also its subsidiary carrier Peach.

For domestic routes, ANA and its subsidiary carrier Peach plan to increase in FY2023 the available seat kilometers (ASK) compared to FY2022, based on the strong recovery in demand.

ANA will utilize large-sized aircraft such as the Boeing 777 which resumed operations last year, and flexibly introduce additional flights.

Peach will adjust its network to enhance profitability while responding to the rise in demand. The two airlines will support the group network by leveraging the strengths of each brand.

International operations

Growing passenger demand, coupled with the recent relaxation of entry restrictions in various countries will drive the strategy for the airline groups reshaping of its international services.

For international routes, the ANA Group will proactively build its network to meet the demand for travel to and from Japan, which is expected to continue to increase from 2022, with the relaxation of Japan’s travel restrictions.

In response to the anticipated rise in business demand, routes such as the Seattle-Haneda route, which were temporarily operated to/from Narita Airport to accommodate connecting demand between Asia and North America, will operate to/from Haneda.

Further, the Haneda-Munich route will resume operations with 3 flights per week, while the Narita-Brussels route will resume regular service with 2 flights per week, and the Haneda-Sydney route will operate a total of 14 flights per week with 2 daily flights starting from the 2023 summer schedule.

ANA also plans to resume the Narita-Perth route from the 2023 winter schedule, and through accurately assessing fluctuations in demand and maintaining flexibility, we will continue to announce updates to the flight schedule on a monthly basis.

In anticipation of a gradual recovery in demand especially for foreign visitors to Japan, Peach will operate the Kansai-Bangkok route on a daily basis from the 2023 summer schedule.

Air Cargo

Given the strong and continued demand for freighter operations, ANA plans to focus on increasing revenue by maximizing the operation of its cargo aircraft fleet as well as utilizing the belly space on passenger flights.

For the freighter routes, ANA will maximize the use of its 11 freighters through its network. With the gradual return of passenger flights, ANA will also supplement its freighters by utilising the cargo space on passenger aircraft to maximize profitability for the Group.

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