ANA Announces 2022 Financial Results

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On April 27, the Japanese carrier, All Nippon Airways (ANA), announced its financial year 2022 (FY2022) results, showcasing a net income.

This article will cover the details surrounding ANA Holdings FY2022 results and their projection for FY2023.

ANA FY2022 Results

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To start things off, ANA Holdings have achieved a net income of 89.4 billion yen, compared to a loss of 143.6 billion yen in FY2021, a huge 233.1 billion yen increase.


In terms of the breakdown of their net income, please see the following –

  • ANA Holding’s operating revenue for FY2022 stood at 1707.4 billion yen, a 687.1 billion yen increase when compared to FY2021’s 1020.3 billion yen.
  • The group’s operating expenses for FY2022 come to 1587.4 billion yen, an increase of 394 billion yen from FY2021’s 1193.4 billion yen.
  • ANA Holding’s operating income stood at 120 billion yen for FY2022, a 293.1 billion yen increase compared to FY2021’s loss of 173.1 billion yen.
  • ANA Holding’s ordinary income for FY2022 stood at 111.8 billion yen, a 296.7 billion yen increase from FY2021’s loss of 184.9 billion yen.

Breaking the above financial results down into ANA Holdings’ various business areas, please see the following –

  • Air transportation revenue for FY2022 stood at 1539.4 billion yen with an operating income of 124.1 billion yen.
  • Airline-related revenue for FY2022 stood at 247.1 billion yen with an operating income of 2.3 billion yen.
  • Travel services revenue for FY2022 stood at 73.8 billion yen with an operating loss of 0.2 billion yen.
  • Trade and retail revenue for FY2022 stood at 103.2 billion yen with an operating income of 3.5 billion yen.
  • Other revenue for FY2022 stood at 38 billion yen with an operating income of 0.5 billion yen.

All in all, 2022 has been a very successful year for ANA Holding’s, certainly putting them back on the right path for future strong profitability.

Executive Comments

Commenting on the group’s successful 2022, ANA Holdings’ Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kimihiro Nakahori have said, “The ANA Group is pleased to announce our strong financial performance that marks the first profitable full year of operations since the pandemic began three years ago.”

“These results are a testimony to the dedication of our employees, loyalty of our customers and support from our stakeholders that point towards a promising future.”

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