Amritsar: SpiceJet Sends in Airbus A340 For Tel Aviv Repatriation

A SpiceJet Airbus A340 in flight
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Indian carrier SpiceJet has sent in an Airbus A340 from Amritsar, India to Tel Aviv to repatriate Indian nationals from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Amritsar: SpiceJet Sends in Airbus A340 For Tel Aviv Repatriation…

Amritsar: SpiceJet Sends in Airbus A340 For Tel Aviv Repatriation
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SpiceJet flight SG9995 departed Amritsar at 1646 local time today, with the flight landing there in the last few moments at the time of writing (1840 UK time).

This flight was operated by YR-LRD, an Airbus A340-300 aircraft.

As per data from, YR-LRD is a 16.5 year old airframe, which started out life with Finnair back in May 2007.

About 10 years after the initial delivery, the jet was sent to Airbus Financial Services and re-registered to F-WXAB.

By February 2018, the jet was handed over to Air Belgium as OO-ABA, and remained with the carrier for four years before being sent to Airhub Airlines.

Romanian carrier Legend Airlines acquired the aircraft in January 2023, and then by June, it was being operated by SpiceJet via a leasing arrangement from the Romania-based carrier.

Since June, this aircraft has been performing commercial services for the Indian carrier, with it’s last two rotations being between Milan Bergamo & Amritsar, as per data from RadarBox.

This Airbus A340 will no doubt have a high number of economy seats, which will be ideal for such repatriation from Tel Aviv.

Governments around the world have either been chartering airlines to perform repatriation, or using their own transport aircraft.

At this stage, it is unclear when the aircraft will be departing back to Amritsar from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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