AMG to support revolutionary green start-up airline Ecojet

Render of an Ecojet Twin Otter aircraft on the tarmac.
Image Credit: Ecojet

The investment firm, AMG Ventures has recently shared the news that they will be supporting the development of start-up green airline Ecojet.

The future-thinking zero-emission airline was founded by the renowned green industrialist Dale Vince and experienced pilot Brent Smith on the 17th of July 2023.

Ecojet launch

Ecojet was formerly known as Fresh Airlines Ltd, previously launched in August 2021. The airline has since been rebranded and relaunched as Ecojet under new director Vince’s leadership.

The partnership with AMG investment marks the first step towards a new era in aviation, where carbon-free air travel becomes a reality. Ecojet has marked this as the start of an “aviation revolution” making conscientious efforts towards “zero-carbon, emission-free air travel. “

Aircraft retrofit

By retrofitting conventional planes with hydrogen-electric powertrains, Ecojet will achieve a remarkable 100% reduction in CO2 and other emissions, while still maintaining the same power output as similar aircraft.


This innovative approach of repurposing old planes instead of building new ones will save a staggering 90,000 tonnes of carbon annually. Based on these proposed green credentials, the airline has stated itself to be “Flag Carrier for Green Britain”

However, Ecojet’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. The start-up airline is going the extra mile by serving plant-based meals, eliminating single-use plastic, and even providing environmentally friendly uniforms for their staff.

The eco-conscious airline intends to launch with 19-seat Twin Otter aircraft. One year into operation (2025) the airline intends to retrofit these aircraft with “hydrogen-electric power trains” post-regulatory approval by the CAA.

Additionally, the airline has also announced plans to up capacity by retrofitting the 70-seat Q400 Dash 8 airliner with the same green treatment. Ecojet has a target date of 18 months post-launch for this.

Edinburgh Airport base

The airline has selected Edinburgh Airport, Scotland as its primary base. The new airline has outlined strong growth ambitions, teasing expansion to mainland Europe with a possibility of long-haul flights planned for the near future.

One benefit of electric flying is that quiet and odorless, just like electric cars. This not only enhances the experience for passengers but also benefits nearby residents. The airline has made note that the only byproduct of its eco fleet is water.

The water is then “captured and released into the lower atmosphere” to “avoid the harmful effects of contrails”, as typically seen with more environmentally harmful commercial aircraft.

The negative environmental impact of aviation has been of utmost concern to the green airline with the “colossal negative impact on the planet will be removed for good.” The airline is confident of the viability and sustainability of electric air travel in the future.

Ecojet statement

Ecojet Co-founder Dale Vince says: “The question of how to create sustainable air travel has plagued the green movement for decades, Ecojet is by far the most significant step towards a solution to date.”

“The desire to travel is deeply etched into the human spirit, and flights free of C02 emissions, powered by renewable energy will allow us to explore our incredible world without harming it for the first time.”

Ecojet has also appointed Peter Davies to its team. Peter has had an impressive career in the aviation industry, being the former chief executive of major airlines across Europe.

These airlines include Brussels Airlines, Air Malta, and former UK regional Airline Air Southwest. Peter was also the founder and CEO of Aviation Transformation Specialist the Airline Management Group.

The airline has shared that it plans to begin operations in early 2024 from its base in Edinburgh.

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