American supports Maui wildfire relief efforts

An American Airlines jet is loaded with supplies to assist in Maui wildfires.
Photo Credit: American Airlines

In the wake of the devastating wildfires that swept through Maui, Hawaii, last week, American Airlines has swiftly taken action to contribute to evacuation and relief efforts.

The airline’s commitment to aiding the community in this crisis has revolved around three key aspects, showcasing their dedication to serving both passengers and the local population.

Providing Critical Transportation

Normally, American Airlines operates four roundtrip flights daily to and from Kahului Airport (OGG) on Maui. However, in response to the wildfires, the airline has ramped up its efforts by introducing additional flights and deploying larger aircraft for pre-existing flights.

The primary objective has been to facilitate the evacuation of as many individuals as possible from the affected area.

Since the onset of the wildfires on August 9th, American Airlines has orchestrated a total of 21 flights from OGG to major destinations on the U.S. mainland, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

This concerted effort has successfully evacuated over 4,200 passengers from the island, underscoring American’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its customers.

An American Airlines jet is loaded with supplies to assist in Maui wildfires relief efforts.


Transporting Relief and Supplies

As a part of their dedicated response, the American Airlines team on the ground in Maui swiftly sprang into action to assist both local community members and affected tourists.

These dedicated professionals provided essential supplies such as blankets, pillows, onboard amenity kits, water, and more to customers at the airport and throughout the island.

This act of compassion aimed to alleviate the immediate discomfort faced by those affected by the wildfires.

In addition to ensuring that incoming flights were stocked with essential supplies for distribution on the island, American Airlines joined forces with reputable non-profit organizations like Feeding America and Baby 2 Baby.

Photo Credits: American Airlines

This partnership enables the airline to send vital shipments of critical supplies, including non-perishable food items, baby formula, diapers, feminine products, and other essentials, directly to the island.

The collaboration with these organizations highlights American’s commitment to addressing both immediate and long-term needs during this crisis.

American Airlines also stands united with the Red Cross disaster relief efforts, further exemplifying their solidarity with the affected community.

Notably, AAdvantage® members are offered the opportunity to contribute while earning 10 AAdvantage® bonus miles for every dollar donated, with a minimum donation of $25 to the Red Cross.

Maui Wildfires – Customer Support

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the State of Hawaii has advised against nonessential travel to Maui County. In line with this recommendation, American Airlines is also encouraging its customers to reconsider their travel plans to the region.

To address the challenges faced by passengers, the airline promptly issued a travel alert that enables customers whose travel plans are affected by the crisis to reschedule without incurring fees.

This proactive measure underscores American’s commitment to accommodating its customers during these uncertain times.

In a gesture of support for those who wish to contribute essential supplies or items to the island, American Airlines has taken an additional step.

The airline has waived fees associated with the first and second pieces of checked luggage for passengers traveling to Maui County through August 25th.

This initiative aims to facilitate the transportation of critical supplies and support the relief efforts in a practical manner.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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