Alicante-Madrid Once More: Air Europa Says Adios To ATR

Alicante-Madrid Once More: Air Europa Says Adios To ATR
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On its final flight between Alicante and Madrid, Air Europa has said Adios to the ATR in its fleet, as the focus switches to the Boeing 737 & 787 families only.

As per data from, EC-MZJ was the final ATR of the 18-strong fleet to be retired from service.

The 18 was broken down into 2 ATR 42s and 16 ATR 72s.

Alicante-Madrid Operated Once More With the ATR For Air Europa…

Alicante-Madrid Once More: Air Europa Says Adios To ATR
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As per data from RadarBox, EC-MZJ, the final ATR 72 in the fleet operated UX4050 between Alicante and Madrid on its last commercial service for Air Europa.

Upon completion of the flight, the aircraft was retired and sent to Sofia, Bulgaria for storage. This now means that the airline has a fleet of Boeing 737 & 787 aircraft respectively.

In a statement from the carrier, they said the following, translated into English from Spanish:

“The general director of Air Europa Express, Toni Gimeno, together with other managers of the airline, were part of the passage of the last flight of the aircraft and paid tribute to the crew of this fleet.”

“Air Europa and Air Europa Express thus put an end to more than a decade of operations aboard this model of turboprop aircraft, with which they have flown some of their domestic routes and operated inter-island flights, both in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.”

“Throughout these years, the ATR fleet has operated more than 135,000 flights and has transported almost six million passengers.”

“With the departure of this last aircraft, Air Europa and Air Europa Express complete the fleet unification process around the Boeing 787 Dreamliner models for long haul and Boeing 737-800 for medium and short haul.”

“Both aircraft, with greater capacity in their respective categories, allow more people to be transported with fewer flights, which results in greater efficiency and a notable reduction in emissions.”

“The unification of the fleet is one of the basic pillars of the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, approved by the company to consolidate the organization and expand its activity at all levels, establishing sustainability, efficiency, innovation and excellence in customer service. client as strategic axes for its growth.”

What remains clear is that the flight between Alicante and Madrid marked an end of an era for Air Europa’s usage of the ATR.

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