Alaska Airlines Invests in New World-Class Training Facility

Aerial view of the Alaska Airlines Longacres property in Renton, Wash.
Photo Credit: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is charting a new course for its employees’ professional development with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art training facility.

This marks a significant step forward for the airline, centralizing training programs and enhancing the overall experience for flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents, and other team members.

“For the first time in our history,” shared Constance von Muehlen, Chief Operating Officer at Alaska Airlines, “our exceptional operations team will have the opportunity to train together under one roof.”

The thoughtfully designed space reflects the dedication and contributions of Alaska’s frontline team members who ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for every passenger on every flight.

Longacres Development

The new training center boasts nine advanced full-motion flight simulators, with plans to expand to ten in the coming years.

Beyond the simulators, the expansive space offers a mock aircraft for realistic in-flight training scenarios, along with dedicated classrooms, an auditorium, a production studio, and ample office areas.

The training facility is situated within the Longacres campus, a 173-acre development envisioned as a dynamic mixed-use environment.

Originally the home of Boeing’s Commercial Airplane Headquarters, Longacres is transforming into a bustling hub.

It features an Arts and Entertainment District, walking and jogging trails, scenic wetlands, and convenient access to public transportation.

$85.75 Million Investment

Alaska Airlines acquired the 19-acre property, which includes a 600,000-square-foot training facility built specifically for aviation purposes, for $85.75 million.

The airline plans to further invest $100 million in renovations to personalize the space and optimize its functionality for Alaska’s training needs.

Liz Thorson, Market Leader and Director at Unico Properties gave comment on the investment.

“This substantial commitment by Alaska, sits alongside the recent opening of the Sounders’ training facility. It has significantly boosted the momentum surrounding the Longacres development.”

“These developments solidify Renton as a regional bright spot. We’re excited to attract even more esteemed Northwest brands to join our flourishing new community.”

Thorson further highlighted the success in securing over 670,000 square feet of occupancy since acquiring the property. It stands as a testament to the project’s appeal even amidst a challenging national office market.

Aerial view of the Alaska Airlines Longacres property in Renton, Wash.
Photo Credit: Alaska Airlines

Developing the Puget Sound Home

“We are delighted to invest in our Puget Sound roots,” commented Shane Jones, Senior Vice President of Fleet, Revenue Products, and Real Estate at Alaska Airlines.

He emphasized the immense growth potential this acquisition unlocks, creating a perfect synergy for the airline.

Gaining access to a facility specifically designed for aviation training, with the flexibility for further customization, presented an opportunity Alaska couldn’t miss.

The ongoing development of Longacres will provide employees with access to a wealth of amenities.

While pilots currently utilize the existing simulators for training on-site, renovations are planned for completion by the end of 2025. This will then pave the way for other employee groups to transition to the new facility.

Tailplanes of parked Alaska Airlines aircraft.

A Vibrant Community Takes Flight

Ned Carner, Founder of Wing Point Partners, who collaborated with Unico to facilitate the sale, offered comment.

“Witnessing the revitalization of this remarkable 173-acre campus with the arrival of the Sounders FC practice facility and now the thousands of Alaska Airlines employees who will call this place home is truly inspiring.”

Carner envisions this development as a vibrant hub seamlessly integrating work, life, and recreation for the surrounding community.

This investment by Alaska Airlines signifies a dedication to fostering a world-class training environment for its employees. The move should further solidify its position in the aviation industry.

The new training facility is to be integrated within a thriving mixed-use development. This promises a future filled with opportunity and collaboration for both Alaska Airlines and the surrounding community.

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