Alaska Airlines Enters Summer With Record Schedule

Tailplanes of a line of parked Alaska Airlines aircraft.
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Alaska Airlines will take to the skies this summer with its most ambitious schedule ever. In response to a surge in travel demand, the airline is offering nearly a million additional seats compared to last year.

The expanded summer program sees a slate of exciting new nonstop routes added. This expansion positions Alaska Airlines strongly in facilitating summer travel.

The expansion will hold particular interest for those seeking breathtaking escapes in Alaska. On offer this summer are exhilarating adventures in National Parks, as well as sun-soaked getaways south of the border.

Unprecedented Growth Meets Guest Demand

Alaska Airlines recognizes the pent-up desire for travel and is responding with a significant capacity increase.

The airline’s summer schedule boasts nearly 10% more flights across its entire network. The airline is set for a record program, which will connect passengers to an even wider range of popular destinations.

From the unparalleled beauty of Alaska to the vibrant shores of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Alaska Airlines has your summer travel covered.

New Horizons Beckon: Exploring Uncharted Territories

The expanded schedule will see the unlocking of new travel options this year. This summer marks the inauguration of several captivating nonstop routes, catering to diverse travel preferences.

Bridging the East and West

Alaska Airlines is fostering new connections with nonstop service from Anchorage to New York (JFK), Portland to Nashville, and San Diego to both Atlanta and Anchorage.

These routes offer convenient options for those seeking to explore bustling East Coast cities or reunite with loved ones across the country.

International Services

For those seeking to explore beyond the United States, Alaska Airlines is adding exciting new international destinations to its summer schedule.

Guests can now embark on cultural immersions in Guatemala City, soak up the sun-drenched beaches of The Bahamas, or experience the cosmopolitan charm of Toronto.

Denise and Stephen Otico of @partyof4sometimes2, along with their kids, traveled to Anchorage from San Diego.

Hub Growth Strengthens Regional Connectivity

Alaska Airlines’ commitment to regional accessibility is evident in the significant growth planned for its hubs.

Passengers departing from Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Anchorage will benefit from increased flight options.

Portland boasts a 16% increase in summer flights, while Seattle and Anchorage see a 10% and 13% rise, respectively.

San Diego takes the cake with a remarkable 23% growth in summer departures, offering even more opportunities to explore the sunny Californian coast.

This expansion ensures easy onwards connections for travelers within the Alaska Airlines network, promoting regional tourism and fostering a sense of community.

California Dreaming Extends into Fall

While summer may have its peak season, the travel spirit doesn’t have to fade. Alaska Airlines recognizes this and is extending its commitment to California getaways.

This will see a significant increase in departures from Los Angeles (LAX) starting this fall. This 33% growth allows travelers to enjoy the Californian sunshine well beyond the traditional summer months.

All in all, this will certainly make it easier to plan extended vacations or spontaneous weekend escapes.

An Alaska Airlines 737 approaching to land.
Photo Credit: Alaska Airlines

Service to Mexico: A West Coast Advantage

For West Coast travelers seeking a taste of Mexican culture and hospitality, Alaska Airlines offers an unmatched advantage.

The airline boasts the most flights to Mexico from the West Coast compared to any other U.S. carrier.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant nightlife of Cancun, the historical charm of Guadalajara, or the pristine beaches of Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, Alaska Airlines has the perfect route to kickstart your Mexican adventure.

Destinations like Loreto, Manzanillo, Mazatlán, and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo further expand your options, catering to a diverse range of travel styles and preferences.

Mertbiol, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


Alaska Airlines and its regional partners currently serve more than 120 destinations across the United States, the Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

For those planning to travel, remember to download the Alaska Airlines mobile app, which keeps your travel needs at your fingertips.

You can use the app to check in, pay for your bag(s), get your boarding pass(es), track flights, make seat changes and much more right from your phone.

You can also preorder your meal to have it conveniently sent to your seat from the app anytime from 2 weeks to 20 hours before travel.

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