Akasa Air becomes first Asian operator of Boeing 737-8-200

An Akasa Air Boeing 737-8-200 parked at dusk.
Photo Credit: Akasa Air
By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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Indian carrier Akasa Air has welcomed the arrival of its 20th aircraft. In a moment in national aviation history, Akasa Air becomes the first airline in Asia to add the Boeing 737-8-200 variant of the 737 MAX aircraft.

This milestone also opens up new possibilities for Akasa Air to venture into international operations, as the carrier now meets the national requirement of a minimum fleet of 20 aircraft.

The ceremonial key handover took place in Seattle, USA on July 28, 2023, and the aircraft arrived in Bengaluru at 9:31 hrs on the same day.

The swift ascent of Akasa Air

In an impressive display of growth and ambition, Akasa Air has managed to reach a fleet size of 20 aircraft within just one year of commencing operations.

This accomplishment is not only a testament to the airline’s determination but also a compliance with Indian regulations, which require airlines to have a minimum of 20 aircraft in their fleet to become eligible for international operations.

With this milestone now achieved, Akasa Air is now poised to embark on its international journey.

Vinay Dube, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Akasa Air, expressed his delight at this achievement.


He stated, “Akasa Air is merely an expression of what India is capable of achieving. Today’s landmark addition to our fleet heralds the international chapter of growth in Akasa’s story, and makes us extremely optimistic about our future.”

“We are very excited at the prospect of showcasing our unique and distinct service to the world. Going from 0 to 20 aircraft within 12 months is not just an Akasa record but a record that encapsulates the potential of our great country and one for our whole nation to be proud of.”

Photo Credits: Akasa Air

A credit to employees

Vinay Dube further emphasized the exceptional growth rate of Akasa Air and credited it to the passion and dedication of the airline’s employees.

 Akasa Air recorded the highest on-time performance for several consecutive months in 2023, a testament to its commitment to service leadership.

The airline’s focus on reliable and accessible air travel has contributed to its popularity among passengers and made it the fastest-growing airline in India since its commercial launch in August 2022.

Boeing 737-8-200: A perfect fit

The induction of the Boeing 737-8-200 aircraft into Akasa Air’s fleet aligns with the airline’s strategy to control operating costs while enhancing the customer experience.

Apart from being the most environmentally progressive aircraft, the Boeing 737-8-200 offers the best-in-class legroom, complementing Akasa Air’s commitment to providing a customer-obsessed, economically sustainable, and socially responsible airline.

Brad McMullen, Boeing’s senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, praised the partnership with Akasa Air, stating, “This milestone symbolizes the strength of our partnership with Akasa, as they take delivery of the first 737-8-200 in the Asia region.”

“The 737-8-200 offers a balance of airline economics and unparalleled customer experience that is a perfect fit for Akasa and allows the airline to deliver on its promise of service excellence.”

Environmental advantages of the 737 MAX Family

The Boeing 737 MAX family, including the 737-8-200 variant, boasts greater range and fuel efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by an impressive 20% compared to its predecessors.

Additionally, the 737 MAX is designed to be a quieter aircraft, with a 50% smaller noise footprint than the aircraft it replaces. These environmental advantages align perfectly with Akasa Air’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to minimizing its carbon footprint.


Since its inception, Akasa Air has already left an indelible mark on India’s aviation industry. Now with a fleet of 20 aircraft, the airline has served over 4 million revenue passengers and operates over 900 weekly flights on a network of 35 unique routes, connecting 16 Indian cities.

The airline’s strong focus on customer satisfaction, punctuality, and service excellence has earned it a loyal customer base and a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy carrier.

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