airBaltic receives its 44th Airbus A220-300

A new airBaltic A220 on the tarmac at night
Photo Credit: airBaltic

Latvian flag carrier airBaltic has received its 44th Airbus A220-300. Registration YL-ABQ was delivered to the airline on the 9th September 2023 and marks the 5th Airbus A220-300 delivery for the the carrier this year.

YL-ABQ left Montreal-Mirabel Airport the day before on the 8th September at 11:42am local time as flight BT9808, completing a 7hr 14min flight and landing in Riga at 1:56am the next morning.

Following its delivery flight, airBaltic has not waited around, putting the aircraft into service the same day. At the time of writing the aircraft has already completed 4 round trips from its new Riga base to Tallinn, Budapest, Lisbon and Palma De Mallorca.

As mentioned, “Bravo Quebec” is the 44th A220 for the Latvian airline and leaves only 6 more A220s of the airline’s firm order of 50 jets to be delivered. The airline took delivery of the 43rd fleet aircraft just days earlier on September 2.

However, airBaltic also holds purchase rights and further options for an additional 30 A220-300s should they wish to exercise these options in the future.


Worlds only all-Airbus A220 operator

As many know by now, airBaltic currently holds the title for the world’s only all Airbus A220 operator. This has been the case for them since May 2020 and the reason behind it, is simply to smooth out operational costs and complexities, as well as benefit of its unbeatable efficiency.

Since receiving its first Airbus A220, the airline has amassed nearly 143,000 flights with the type and flown over 311,000 block hours.

In addition, the aircraft has also carried some 13,000,000 passengers for Air Baltic during its time at the airline.

Close-up of the nose of an airBaltic A220 aircraft.
Photo Credit: airBaltic

The A220 is performing above airBaltic’s expectations

What is most intriguing about the Airbus A220 is that the airline has said the aircraft is performing above what was initially predicted when it first started receiving them.

To start, the aircraft has been delivering a better overall performance in terms of fuel efficiency and convenience for passengers and staff.

As far as convenience for passengers and staff is concerned, this refers to the benefits for both groups compared to other aircraft.

Such benefits include, wider seats, larger windows, larger hand luggage space, improved toilets and far more.

Furthermore, the A220-300 is renowned for its high quality air filtering system, which features a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) type filter and as such is able to provide the best level of filtration for cabin recirculated air.

Therefore, the A220 has particularly clean air, giving passengers and crew a much more comfortable ride.

Of course, when talking about the A220, its incredible fuel efficiency can’t be surpassed, with its PW1000G series engines which feature the highest bypass ratio of any commercial jet engine.

Combined with its impressive reduction in noise over other engines, it makes the aircraft as a whole the greenest jet in the skies today.

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