airBaltic Pilot Academy applications increase tenfold

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As high school graduates set their sights on further studies, airBaltic Pilot Academy has become a focal point of great interest and demand.

While applications are accepted year-round, the summer months have seen an exponential increase in applications, with an average of 40 applications per week.

This surge in interest perhaps comes as no surprise, as the academy offers an exceptional opportunity for aspiring pilots to embark on a unique journey.

Deputy Head of Training at airBaltic Pilot Academy, Jose Antonio Raga Orellano encourages students to seize this moment, particularly right after high school when knowledge is still fresh. The academy has a rich history of producing skilled aviation professionals since its establishment in 2017, with 100 active students currently pursuing their dreams there.

A diverse student body

The current student body at airBaltic Pilot Academy is a true reflection of its international appeal. While most students come from the Baltic countries, the academy also attracts students from various EU member states, including Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, and Italy.

A notable aspect of the academy’s inclusivity is the representation of female students, who make up more than 10% of the student population. These students are determined to break barriers in the aviation industry and make their mark as professional pilots.


Joining airBaltic as First Officers

The success of airBaltic Pilot Academy is not only evident in the quality of its training but also in the tangible results it produces. Since its inception, 78 students have graduated from the academy and joined airBaltic as First Officers.

This success rate showcases the academy’s commitment to producing competent and skilled pilots who are ready to take on the responsibilities of flying commercial aircraft.

An airBaltic aircraft on the tarmac.
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Enhanced payment structure for Commercial Pilot studies

airBaltic Pilot Academy is committed to making pilot training accessible to aspiring aviators. Since May 2022, the academy has revamped its payment structure for the commercial pilot study program, making it more feasible for students.

Upon successfully passing the company’s assessment, airBaltic now finances a significant part of the studies for the selected candidates. This initiative not only supports students financially but also underscores the academy’s dedication to fostering the next generation of pilots.

The Path to Becoming a Pilot

Students at airBaltic Pilot Academy now have a clear path to achieving their dreams. Initially, they are responsible for covering the costs of studies until they obtain a private pilot license, which amounts to approximately EUR 25,000.

However, the academy eases the financial burden for students as they progress in their journey. Once they pass the airBaltic pilot assessment and become employees of the company, airBaltic provides financing in the form of a loan for the remainder of their studies.

This arrangement not only ensures the best possible training for aspiring pilots but also creates a sustainable path towards a rewarding aviation career.

Academy Open Days

The first Friday of each month marks a special occasion at airBaltic Pilot Academy – Open Days. During these events, prospective students can get a comprehensive understanding of the academy, its program, the study process, and the pilot profession.

Attendees have the opportunity to consult with airBaltic Training representatives on how to prepare a compelling application and increase their chances of being selected as cadets.

Moreover, these events may also include the thrilling experience of flying aircraft in the flight simulator, giving attendees a taste of what their future as pilots could hold.

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