airBaltic Launches Gran Canaria Seasonal Base

airBaltic Launches Gran Canaria Seasonal Base
Photo Credit: Arash Abed/AviationSource

Yesterday saw airBaltic inaugurate it’s winter-seasonal base of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, as Winter growth continues.

Two of their Airbus A220-300 aircraft will be based at the airport, serving a total of 10 direct routes, in a big boost to the area.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

airBaltic Launches Gran Canaria Seasonal Base…

airBaltic Launches Gran Canaria Seasonal Base
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource
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The 10 routes from Gran Canaria to be served by airBaltic over the Winter are as follows, with some already launched:

Destination servedFlight frequencyStart date
Gran Canaria (LPA) – Riga (Latvia)2 flights weeklyOctober 23, 2023
Gran Canaria – Tallinn (Estonia)1 flight weeklyNovember 30, 2023
LPA – Bergen (Norway)2 flights weeklyDecember 1, 2023
LPA – Vilnius (Lithuania)1 flight weeklyDecember 2, 2023
LPA – Oslo-Sandefjord Torp (Norway)2 flights weeklyDecember 2, 2023
LPA – Aalborg (Denmark)2 flights weeklyDecember 3, 2023
LPA – Oslo-Gardermoen (Norway)1 flight weeklyDecember 3, 2023
LPA – Billund (Denmark)2 flights weeklyDecember 4, 2023
LPA – Copenhagen (Denmark)1 flight weeklyDecember 4, 2023
LPA – Tampere (Finland)1 flight weeklyDecember 5, 2023

Commenting on this was Martin Gauss, the CEO of airBaltic:

“We at airBaltic are glad to mark the launch of our seasonal base in Gran Canaria. As we station two aircraft in Gran Canaria, we will connect this wonderful island with destinations in Northern Europe.”

“This is the first seasonal base of airBaltic, as well as the first base outside of the Baltics and Finland.”

“By tapping into the strong and growing demand during the winter months between Northern Europe and the Canary Islands, we will also increase our aircraft utilization.”

All eyes will be on how these services perform going into the Winter, as well as whether there are grounds to expand this further going into the future.

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