Air Transat unveils summer program from Montreal and Quebec

An Air Transat Airbus A330 on the taxiway.
Maarten Visser from Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Air Transat, voted World’s Best Leisure Airline at the 2023 Skytrax World Airline Awards, is pleased to present its 2024 summer flight program from Montreal and Quebec City.

This schedule reflects a significant recovery, particularly in its key markets of Europe and the South.

After facing the challenges posed by the pandemic, the airline is making a significant recovery, especially in its key markets of Europe and the South.

The carrier is set to support over 180 weekly direct flights and service to nearly 40 destinations at the season’s peak.

Year-Round Flights to Lima, Peru

One of the standout features of the 2024 summer program is the introduction of year-round direct flights to Lima, Peru.

This exciting addition opens up the door for travelers to explore the vibrant culture, history, and landscapes of Peru any time of the year.

Whether you’re into ancient ruins or modern city life, Lima has something to offer every type of adventurer.


Strengthening Presence in Europe

For European travelers, Air Transat is committed to providing greater travel flexibility. The airline is increasing the frequency of flights to popular European destinations such as France, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, and Spain.

From Montreal, passengers can choose from nearly 20 European destinations with direct flights. Notably, more weekly flights are being added to key French provinces like Bordeaux, Lyon, and Marseille.

Additionally, Barcelona enthusiasts will be delighted to hear about the three additional weekly flights to this vibrant Spanish city.

Quebec City’s Connection to Europe

Quebec City is not left behind in this expansion. Air Transat is adding an extra flight to its service to the City of Light, Paris.

With a total of four weekly direct flights, Quebec City residents and visitors have even more options to explore one of Europe’s most iconic cities.

Florida and California

For those seeking sun-drenched destinations, Air Transat is increasing the frequency of its flights from Montreal to nearly all of its Southern destinations.

This move not only provides more options for sun lovers but also helps reduce the seasonality of the airline’s operations in the South.

Heading south, the airline is significantly increasing its flights to Florida, with daily flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando now on the menu.

Additionally, there’s some good news for those looking to experience the magic of California, as an additional direct flight to Los Angeles is being added to the roster.

About Air Transat

Founded in Montreal 35 years ago, Air Transat is a leading travel brand. Its program offers access to international destinations, mainly in Europe, the Caribbean and the East and West coasts of the U.S.

Voted Best Leisure Airline by passengers at the 2023 Skytrax World Airline Awards, Air Transat is recognized for its excellent customer service.

By renewing its fleet with the most energy-efficient aircraft in their category, Air Transat is committed to a more sustainable industry.

Based in Montréal with major hubs in Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ), it has near 5,000 employees with a common purpose to bring people closer together.

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