Air Serbia Boosts Regional Fleet With 8th ATR 72-600 Aircraft

An Air Serbia ATR72-600 parked at Belgrade Airport
Photo Credit: Air Serbia

Air Serbia recently welcomed its eighth ATR72-600 aircraft, further strengthening its regional fleet.

The new regional commuter aircraft touched down at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport on 17 April 2024. It is now expected to begin commercial operations after completing standard procedures.

ATR72-600 YU-ASF

This nine-year-old aircraft, sporting the registration code YU-ASF, received its Air Serbia livery in Toulouse, France.

Since March 10th, it has been undergoing handover processes and technical inspections to ensure smooth integration into the airline’s operations.

“The arrival of our eighth ATR72-600 marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to enhancing our regional fleet and expanding our network,” said Milan Malović, Chief Operations Officer at Air Serbia.

“By introducing this new aircraft, we aim to improve connectivity across the Western Balkans region, offering passengers more options for swift and comfortable travel.”

Previous Fleet Additions

This addition follows the successful integration of seven previous ATR 72-600s. The first, YU-ALY, arrived in January 2022, followed by YU-ALW in May 2022 and YU-ALX in July 2022.

YU-ALZ joined the fleet in December 2022, while YU-ASA and YU-ASB came on board in January and June 2023, respectively.

The most recent addition to the regional fleet before YU-ASF was YU-ASD in September 2023.

Air Serbia’s entire ATR fleet prioritizes passenger comfort, featuring configurations of 70 to 72 “Geven Prestige” and “Acro” seats.

These turboprop aircraft boast two PW127M engines, with a length of 27.17 meters and a wingspan of 27.05 meters.

They can achieve a cruising speed of approximately 500 km/h and have a maximum range of roughly 1,500 km at full capacity.

Air Serbia: Connecting the Balkans

Air Serbia, Serbia’s national carrier, plays a key role in connecting passengers across the Balkans region and beyond.

With a focus on providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience, Air Serbia operates a modern fleet of aircraft, including eight ATR 72-600 turboprop planes for regional routes.

The airline is committed to continuously improving its network and fleet, offering passengers more options for travel within the Western Balkans and beyond.

Air Serbia’s central hub is located at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, making it a convenient gateway for exploring the region.

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