Air Premia Adjusts Seoul Incheon Network In Summer 2023

Render of Air Premia Boeing 787-9 in flight
Photo Credit: Air Premia.

This week saw Air Premia make three announcements regarding its Summer 2023 network from Seoul Incheon Airport.

Such an adjustment sees one route being suspended but replaced with two long-haul routes.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Suspension of Seoul-Singapore…

Photo Credit: Air Premia

The first announcement sees Air Premia suspend its services between Seoul Incheon and Singapore, effective from today.

There is no reasoning for the suspension of the route, with the carrier mentioning that this will be in place until “further notice”.

It is unclear when this service will be reinstated, but Air Premia said that “We will notify you again if there are any future flight plans and updates”.

So it means that there will be more to follow in due course.

Air Premia To Launch Incheon-New York in May…

Air Premia Adjusts Seoul Incheon Network In Summer 2023
Photo Credit: Air Premia

The second announcement from the day of announcements saw Air Premia announce services between New York’s Newark and Seoul Incheon from May 22.

Below is the table for the scheduling:

Route Flight NumberDeparture   ArrivalOperation Date
ICN to EWRYP13121:0522:20Every Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday/ Sunday
EWR to ICNYP13200:3004:25 (+1)Every Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday

Air Premia noted that this service is still subject to government approval and that the schedule or the aircraft model may change without notice.

Say “Hallo” To Frankfurt from South Korea…

Photo Credit: Air Premia.

The other announcement will see Air Premia say “Hallo” to Frankfurt on June 27, with the scheduling as follows:

RouteFlight NumberDeparture TimeArrivalOperation Date
ICN to FRAYP23111:0516:45Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday
(27Jun2023 ~ 28Oct2023)
ICN to FRAYP23111:0516:50Sunday
(02Jul2023 ~ 22Oct2023)
FRA to ICNYP23219:0013:55+1Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Sunday
(27Jun2023 ~ 25Oct2023)
FRA to ICNYP23218:5013:55+1Friday
(30Jun2023 ~ 28Jul2023)
FRA to ICNYP23219:0013:55+1Friday
(04Aug2023 ~ 27Oct2023)

It remains clear that Air Premia is operating routes to destinations from Seoul that have opportunities for growth and have significant secondary connections onwards for them to take advantage of.

Air Premia’s Fleet Currently…

As per, the carrier currently has a fleet of three Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners at the time of writing.

They are:

  • HL8387 – Delivered March 2021.
  • HL8388 – Delivered October 2022.
  • HL8517 – Delivered September 2022.

HL8516 is currently due for delivery, with HL8389 currently on order and awaiting a delivery time.

Air Premia’s Boeing 787s, which are based in Seoul, sit 56 passengers in Premium Economy and 256 in Economy.


It remains clear that the airline is very much in the period of testing out what routes work for its network.

Whatever the reasoning behind the suspension of the Singapore services, the addition of Frankfurt and New York shows where the demand is from Seoul.

All eyes will be on the carrier to see how these routes perform and whether they will remain on a permanent basis or subsequently be suspended again.

Either way, it’s not going to hurt trying out new markets, as ultimately, success is the end goal for the South Korean carrier.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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