Air North Takes Delivery of Boeing 737-800 Aircraft

A Boeing 737-800 aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Boeing

Air North, Yukon’s Airline, is proud to announce the addition of their first-ever Boeing 737-8AL aircraft to their fleet.

This next-generation lease from Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc. (AELF) marks a significant milestone for the long-standing Yukon carrier.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Air North to our growing client base,” said Joe Cirillo, Head of Global Marketing for AELF.

Fleet Transition

“Air North’s commitment to the Yukon communities and its rich history make them a fantastic partner. We’re honored to support Joe Sparling and his team as they continue Air North’s legacy of growth and prosperity.”

Founded in 1977, Air North has consistently provided vital air service to the Yukon for over 45 years. Their fleet has steadily evolved, transitioning from single-engine beginnings to turboprops in the 80s and 90s.

The move towards jet aircraft then saw the introduction of Boeing 737 classics in the early 2000s. AELF’s lease of this new Boeing 737-8AL marks a new step for Air North’s fleet modernization.

“This new aircraft aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Joseph Sparling, CEO and co-founder of Air North.

“The Boeing 737-8AL boasts a contemporary, comfortable cabin for our passengers, while its fuel efficiency and cost savings allow us to deliver exceptional value for years to come.”

Johnnyw3, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About Air North

Air North, Yukon’s Airline, is a proud pillar of the Yukon territory, providing vital air service since 1977.

With a rich history dating back over 45 years, the airline has steadily grown its fleet to meet the evolving needs of the region.

The carrier is committed to connecting Yukon communities and offering a genuine Yukon experience to its passengers.

Their dedication to exceptional service and a commitment to environmental responsibility make them a leader in Yukon air travel.

Air North’s Commitment to the Yukon

Air North’s dedication to the Yukon goes beyond simply providing air service. The airline actively supports the territory’s economic and social development. Here are some ways they contribute:

  • Community Partnerships: The airline partners with local businesses and organizations, promoting tourism and supporting local initiatives.
  • Cargo Services: They offer dedicated cargo services, ensuring essential goods reach Yukon communities efficiently.
  • Employment Opportunities: As one of the largest private sector employers in the Yukon, it provides valuable career paths for Yukon residents.
  • Cultural Connection: The carrier showcases the unique culture of the Yukon through onboard experiences and partnerships with local artists and businesses.

Looking ahead, Air North remains committed to innovation and sustainability. Their investment in the fuel-efficient Boeing 737-8AL reflects their dedication to reducing their environmental footprint.

The airline also explores route expansion possibilities, aiming to connect the Yukon to even more destinations.

With a focus on community, culture, and environmental responsibility, the airline soars as a vital link for the Yukon territory.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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