Air New Zealand Firms Record SAF Purchase in Los Angeles

An Air New Zealand aircraft with SAF refuelling tanker.
Photo Credit: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has signed a landmark agreement with Neste for nine million liters of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ (SAF).

This marks the largest purchase of SAF from Neste by any airline outside North America and Europe. It marks a significant step for the airline and the industry in the move to decarbonize air travel.

Neste’s Singapore refinery, which recently expanded its SAF production capabilities, will produce the fuel. The shipment will then be delivered to Los Angeles International Airport between April and November 2024.

Once blended with conventional jet fuel to meet safety standards, this sustainable alternative is expected to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional fossil fuels.

An Air New Zealand aircraft at Auckland Airport
Photo Credit: Air New Zealand

Record SAF Uptake

Air New Zealand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its Chair Dame Therese Walsh’s statement.

This was delivered during a recent business delegation to Southeast Asia led by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

“Decarbonizing our operations is crucial for connecting New Zealand to the world and supporting our trade and tourism sectors,” Walsh explains. “SAF is a key driver in achieving this goal.”

While currently a small portion of the global fuel supply, SAF is the most viable solution for significantly reducing emissions from long-haul flights.

To achieve net-zero carbon emissions in aviation by 2050, the SAF industry requires substantial growth.

This record-breaking purchase represents a ninefold increase compared to Air New Zealand’s initial SAF shipment from Neste in 2022.

It highlights the growing collaboration between these two forward-thinking organizations in advancing SAF production and adoption.

A Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) tanker alongside an aircraft.
Photo Credit: Neste

Partnership with Neste

Neste, a leader in renewable fuels, is fully committed to supporting the decarbonization of aviation. “We are proud to partner with Air New Zealand in their focus on sustainability,” says Alexander Kueper, Neste’s Vice President of Renewable Aviation.

“We look forward to continued collaboration with Air New Zealand and the New Zealand government to achieve their climate goals.”

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon also commended Air New Zealand’s leadership in sustainable aviation.

“This collaboration is a global leader in sustainability,” Luxon states. “I congratulate Dame Therese and Air New Zealand for their dedication to a greener future for aviation.”

This agreement demonstrates Air New Zealand’s dedication to environmental responsibility and paves the way for a more sustainable future for air travel.

With continued innovation and collaboration, the aviation industry can significantly reduce its environmental impact.

Air New Zealand 787 to Papeete U-Turns to Auckland

About Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s story started in 1940, first taking to the skies between Auckland and Sydney on a flying boat – a Short S30.

Known for its warm Kiwi hospitality, today, the airline has operating aircraft ranging from Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and Airbus A320s to ATRs and Q300s, offering customers comfort in the latest most efficient jets and turboprops.

It’s a modern fuel-efficient fleet with an average age of 8.7 years. Air New Zealand’s global network of passenger and cargo services centres around New Zealand.

In 2023, the airline flew more than 16 million passengers. Air New Zealand was named 2024 World’s Safest Airline by the Australian rating service  It also won Best Corporate Reputation in New Zealand in 2023 – the 9th year in a row.  

Air New Zealand has a well-connected domestic business, connecting customers and cargo to 20 different regions around New Zealand.

Internationally, the airline has direct flights to major cities across Australia, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the US.

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