Air New Zealand Continues On Post-Pandemic Growth

Air New Zealand Continues On Post-Pandemic Growth
Darren Koch (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2 ), via Wikimedia Commons

Air New Zealand continues on its significant growth plan as data from shows a significant difference from 2019.

For May 9-16, a double-digit uplift was recorded by the flight tracking company, which shows the path that the airline is currently heading on.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

Air New Zealand Receives 13.5% Uplift in Movement Numbers…

Air New Zealand Continues On Post-Pandemic Growth
Data provided by

For May 9-16, Air New Zealand operated 469 flights, based on a seven-day rolling average provided by the flight tracking company.

This represents an increase of 13.56% compared to the same period last year, where 413 flights were operated.

Air New Zealand is around 159 movements ahead of pre-pandemic levels, which is a significant feat currently and highlights how well they are doing presently.

Below is the last four weeks’ worth of data from the airline:

Date2019 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
April 11-18348 movements346 movements495 movements+43.06%
April 18-25354 movements404 movements480 movements+18.81%
April 25-May 2309 movements419 movements471 movements+12.41%
May 2-9307 movements426 movements465 movements+9.15%

What we can see from the data is that Air New Zealand is progressing very well on a post-pandemic basis.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on the carrier to see whether it can achieve the 500+ movements mark, as it has been pretty close to doing so, as seen on April 11-18.

But for now, the ball is in the court of the airline, and it will be interesting to see how their Summer 2023 season will go.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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