Air New Zealand challenges Auckland Airport plans

An Air New Zealand A320 parked on the ramp.
XPinger (Chris Sutton) from Rotorua, New Zealand, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Air New Zealand has recently taken a strong stance in lodging an official request with New Zealand Commerce Minister Andrew Bayly with respect to the proposed Auckland Airport development plan.

The national carrier is seeking an urgent inquiry into the regulation that appears to be failing in constraining overspending by Auckland Airport.

The crux of the issue revolves around Auckland Airport’s ambitious proposal for a massive $7 to $8 billion development over the next decade, a plan that has raised significant concerns for Air New Zealand and other stakeholders.

The airline has warned that Auckland Airport redevelopment costs will make flying unaffordable for some Kiwis unless there is regulatory change.

Concerns Raised by Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Greg Foran, has expressed profound concerns regarding the magnitude of the proposed development.

Despite the substantial investment, Foran highlights that the project fails to deliver meaningful increases in airside capacity, essential for accommodating the growing number of passengers.

This raises questions about the effectiveness of such massive spending and its impact on the affordability of air travel, particularly for Kiwis.


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Foran emphasizes that while the new airport may appear visually impressive, the lack of additional runway and limited airside capacity ultimately hinders its functionality.

By 2032, the asset base of the airport is projected to increase significantly, leading to a fivefold rise in per-passenger domestic charges, further exacerbating concerns about affordability.

Air New Zealand aircraft at Auckland Airport.
G B_NZ, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Proposed Solutions by ANZ

In response to these concerns, Air New Zealand has put forward alternative terminal designs that could substantially reduce costs without compromising on the quality of facilities.

Additionally, the airline has criticized the current ‘Information Disclosure’ regime within the Commerce Act, asserting that it fails to adequately protect consumer interests.

Regulatory Options

Air New Zealand advocates for leveraging existing regulatory mechanisms within the Commerce Act to address the situation.

These options include negotiation between airports and customers, arbitration in case of disputes, or regulatory intervention to set prices and quality of services.

The airline urges the Commerce Commission to launch an inquiry to determine the most suitable regulatory approach for safeguarding consumer interests.

An Air New Zealand Airbus entering the runway.
Biponacci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Support from International Bodies

Air New Zealand’s concerns have garnered support from various international bodies, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Qantas Group, Airlines for Australia and New Zealand (A4ANZ), and the Board of Airline Representatives (BARNZ).

These organizations have echoed similar apprehensions about the affordability and sustainability of Auckland Airport’s development plans.

Air New Zealand’s recent call for an urgent inquiry appears to be reflecting some growing apprehensions within the aviation industry regarding Auckland Airport’s ambitious development plans.

The airline’s concerns about affordability, capacity constraints, and regulatory oversight suggest the need for proactive review to ensure the long-term sustainability of air travel in New Zealand.

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