Air Inuit gains funding for hangar expansion and new cargo facility

An Air Inuit Boeing 737 on the runway.
Jean-Philippe Richard, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Canada’s commitment to bolstering its transportation infrastructure takes another significant stride forward with the recent announcement by Pablo Rodriguez, the Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant.

A significant investment of up to $14.5 million through the National Trade Corridors Fund is earmarked for Air Inuit Ltd., focusing on enhancing the carrier’s facilities at Kuujjuaq Airport in Quebec.

This strategic investment aims to fortify crucial aspects of transportation, significantly benefiting both local and regional communities.

A Boost in Infrastructure

The core of this investment revolves around the development of essential facilities at Kuujjuaq Airport.

Among the primary initiatives are the construction of a state-of-the-art cargo warehouse and the extension of the hangar bay, aimed at enhancing aircraft maintenance capabilities.

These improvements are poised to elevate the operational efficiency of the airport, ensuring smoother transitions for both cargo and passenger flights.


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Render of an Air Inuit Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Image Credit: CNW Group/Air Inuit

Strengthening Transportation Corridors

One of the paramount objectives of this project is to enhance the security and reliability of the north-south transportation corridor connecting Montreal and Nunavik.

By fortifying this critical artery, the initiative not only facilitates smoother travel but also bolsters the overall security infrastructure of the region.

Additionally, these enhancements extend within the Nunavik region, further solidifying transportation networks and fostering connectivity.

An integral aspect of the project’s scope is the augmentation of food security measures. By expanding storage capacities within the airport premises, the initiative aims to mitigate food losses due to logistical delays.

This proactive approach not only ensures a more reliable supply chain but also contributes significantly to preserving food security within the region.

The larger storage capacities act as a buffer against disruptions, safeguarding communities against potential shortages.

Regional Economic Development

Beyond its immediate operational enhancements, the investment holds profound implications for economic development.

By bolstering infrastructure and expanding capacities, the project creates an enabling environment for business growth and industrial expansion.

This added capacity not only supports existing industries more efficiently but also lays the groundwork for attracting new ventures, driving economic prosperity across the region.

Commitment to Northern Communities

At the heart of this initiative lies the unwavering commitment of the Government of Canada to ensure the well-being of northern communities.

Through strategic investments like these, the government aims to address the unique challenges faced by remote regions, particularly concerning access to essential goods and services.

By fostering stronger supply chains and reducing logistical barriers, the initiative strives to empower communities, enabling them to thrive and prosper.

About Air Inuit

Air Inuit is a Canadian airline headquartered in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent, Quebec. It operates domestic passenger services and charter and cargo services in Nunavik, southern Quebec, and Nunavut. Its main base is Kuujjuaq Airport.

Air Inuit was founded in 1978 by the Makivik Corporation, the Inuit land claims organization for Nunavik.

The airline was created to provide essential air transportation to the Inuit communities of Nunavik, which are located in the northernmost part of Quebec.

Air Inuit is a vital part of the transportation infrastructure of Nunavik. The airline provides essential air transportation to the region’s communities, businesses, and government agencies.

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